2020 Annual Conference Report

Last year’s 2020 ANZURA conference, hosted by our New Zealand team was held as a virtual Zoom conference on 10th October. For all the reasons we’re only too familiar with by now, the theme was aptly titled Post COVID Spiritual Life. This was a “first” for ANZURA and while the virtual format is not as good as our face-to-face conferences, it was still wonderful to be with everyone virtually for a good six hours of Urantia Book presentations and discussions.

Ian Campbell hosted and introduced the conference and Neville Twist began with a prayer and dedication. Here is list of the presenters and topics discussed:

  • Norman Weiss and Diana Whakapapa – Lockdown’s Bright Side
  • Julian McGarry – The Personal and Collective Lessons We Can Learn from COVID-19
  • Marion Steward – Language Matters
  • Rita Schaad – A Tour of the New ANZURA Website
  • Susan Hemmingsen – Truth in Relation to Covid-19
  • Hara Davis – A Brief Review of Hara’s Beautiful Study Aids

The conference was recorded, and the presentations will eventually be uploaded to YouTube. (Be patient for that. We will announce when they are available.) You will also find a few of the presentations as articles in this issue of the Arena.

The New Zealanders have reserved the original conference venue for 2022 so stay tuned for information on that one.