Farewell Martin McBurney

Vail – Our good friend Martin. Martin ‘played’ the game of life at an elite level. Smart, witty and generous with time for all those that passed his way. Overflowing humour, an abundance of goodwill, and a penchant for copious note taking were his signature trademarks. Martin’s inner spiritual life burned bright. Few embodied the Gospel like Martin. He will be missed. (Steve Shanahan)

Trevor and I have fond memories of our times spent with Martin as we shared many in-depth discussions on philosophy and religion; we would literally spend hours talking about “life, the universe and everything.” His faith was deep and true and his goodness shone through those glittering eyes and charming smile. I believe he now resides in our heavenly Father’s “house of many mansions”. (Kathleen Swadling)

My sympathies to Martin’s loved ones. I haven’t seen him for a while, but have sweet memories of Martin from way back, 30 years ago. Discussions about the meatier things in life were always respectful and it was never boring to listen to his take on them. That’s what I remember most, how respectful, positive and humble he was, a rare thing these days. Sleep well Martin. (Ryta Kunciunas)

In an article Martin wrote in 1988 titled “Urantia Towards Light and Life” he said:

There is a song called “What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life.” Well, every day for the rest of my life I intend to say this prayer: “God my Father, it is my will that Urantia achieves progress (as you will) ever more effectively. Michael, I love you.” Do I expect to see real progress during my lifetime? Yes I do! That song is from a motion picture called “The Happy Ending”!