500 Jesus Quotes

For Knowing True and False Religions and Teachers

These 500 quotes chronicle the supernal teachings of Jesus, the Creator of this Local Universe. Here the real Jesus can be found through the words he spoke and the life he lived. This is the eternal guideline for the measure of a teacher who is genuine compared to someone who is false.

In total they represent a powerful testimony of the incredible life of Jesus, his unmatched wisdom, his life of universal service to others, his eternal reliance on his Father’s will, and his incomparable spiritual status as a Son of God.

The origin, nature, and destiny of Jesus as a human being, is shown with the increasing outpouring of his spiritual nature by his living through sixteen life stages. They demonstrate the progression of his spiritual awareness, application of his power, and the revelatory claims of his teachings. No other personality can ever live such a perfect mortal life of truth, beauty, and goodness. In his universe, his way can be the only way.

Jesus did not pose as a mild, sweet, gentle, and kindly mystic. His teaching was thrillingly dynamic. [Paper 141:3.6 , page 1590.1]

Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know  the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it.[Paper 196:1.3, page 2090.4]

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