Participate in the Divine Life

(This is an extract from page 61 of Jeffrey’s book titled: “Living in Truth, Beauty and Goodness”)

If we persist in the quest to understand a meaning, sooner or later our questions become philosophical. And when we carry the inquiry still further to realize the practical implications of our findings, we begin philosophical living, which seeks wisdom, acts on what it finds and lives meaningfully. Philosophical living takes the time needed for the work of sharpening our capacities for intuition, reasoning appreciatively and critically, and maturing key concepts. It forms meaningful connections between fact and value, matter and spirit, science and religion.

The search for wisdom leads ultimately to its source. God is not only the Creator of the universe and its laws, and not only the loving Father known through revelation and experience, but also the God of mind and meaning, inquiry and insight, reason and wisdom.

At its height, wisdom embraces truth, beauty and goodness as qualities anchored in the eternal nature of God. These values evolve in time as we actualize them – and to do this is to participate in the divine life