Annual Conference Auckland New Zealand 2020

2020 Vision Through a Cosmic Lens—Hindsight, Insight & Foresight

Next year’s ANZURA conference returns to Vaughan Park, Long Bay 2—5 October, 2020 where we held the last New Zealand conference in 2014. Again, it will be hosted by our very capable and dynamic team in New Zealand.

About the theme: 2020 is the year of clear sight, so it seems timely to examine what we have learned through the cosmic lens of The Urantia Book. The information we have been so lucky to receive in the pages of our beloved book has shed new light on the past, not only of our planet but of the whole universe, on the present, in terms of the celestial presence on Urantia and the oversight and guidance of planetary affairs, and on the future, the amazing universe career that is open to us.

Over three days in Auckland we will look back and explore what we have learned from the past that can guide us today; we will study the deep truths that illuminate our current existence, and look into the future and speculate on how God’s plan for us and our universe could unfold.

We will ask these questions:

Hindsight—what have we learned from The Urantia Book about mistakes made in the past that can inform our current and future decisions?

Insight—what deep understandings have we gained about our world today and how complicated problems might be solved?

Foresight—what does God have in store for us, and how can we conduct our lives in the best way possible to assist the unfolding of this future?

Mark your calendars and get ready for a trip to Auckland next year! For those who didn’t attend the 2014 New Zealand conference, Vaughan Park is just gorgeous! It’s positioned at the south end of Long Bay Beach in the East Coast Bays and is nestled in the hill at Long Bay, one of the most beautiful bays on the North Island of New Zealand.

Watch this space for more information as plans unfold or contact us at:

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