Mediation of Mind

Spirit Conquest of Energy-Matter

Mortal man has a spirit nucleus. The mind is a personal-energy system existing around a divine
spirit nucleus and functioning in a material environment. Such a living relationship of personal
mind and spirit constitutes the universe potential of eternal personality.

On Paradise the three energies, physical, mindal, and spiritual, are co-ordinate. In the evolutionary cosmos energy-matter is dominant except in personality, where spirit, through the mediation of mind, is striving for the mastery. Spirit is the fundamental reality of the personality experience of all creatures because God is spirit. Spirit is unchanging, and therefore, in all personality relations, it transcends both mind and matter, which are experiential variables of progressive attainment. [Paper 12:8.14, page 140.10 emphasis added]

Mind is a unique phase of reality, centred upon the gravity of the 3rd Great Source and Centre, also known as the Infinite Spirit in The Urantia Book.

In the evolutionary superuniverses energy-matter is dominant except in personality, where spirit through the mediation of mind is struggling for the mastery. The goal of the evolutionary universes is the subjugation of energy-matter by mind, the co-ordination of mind with spirit, and all of this by virtue of the creative and unifying presence of personality. Thus, in relation to personality, do physical systems become subordinate; mind systems, co-ordinate; and spirit systems, directive. [Paper 116:6.1, page 1275.1 emphasis added]

Human Mind as we know it comes from the mind circuits of our Local Universe Mother Spirit (the consort of our Creator Son Michael). The “rhythmic pulsations” of her circuits interact with our electro-chemical nervous systems producing not only human minds but prior to that, the evolutionary animal minds of the diverse animal kingdom.

This means our very existence, our very consciousness, the part of us that is intelligent, the part of us that is able to make decisions even the part of us that is self-conscious, is a reality stemming from our Mother Spirit’s existence and ministry. As described in The Urantia Book, in a sense our minds are ‘loaned to us’ during our time on this planet.

It is through the mediation of mind that the self and the environment establish meaningful contact. The ability and willingness of the organism to make such significant contacts with environment (response to a drive) represents the attitude of the whole personality. [Paper 112:1.15, page 1227.5 emphasis added]

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