Conference Reminder – Time to Register!

If you’re planning on attending this year’s annual conference and haven’t registered yet, please do so as soon as possible. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, time is running out!

Here’s an update on the program from Vern Verass:

Dear Friends,

Our conference in Canberra is only a couple of months away—27 to 30 September—and we’ve got the program ready for you to get an appreciation of what’s in store.

The theme of Mind over Matter ~ Spirit over Mind gives ample opportunity to reflect on the fact that

Universe causes cannot be lower than universe effects. The source of the streams of universe life and of the cosmic mind must be above the levels of their manifestation. The human mind cannot be consistently explained in terms of the lower orders of existence. Man’s mind can be truly comprehended only by recognizing the reality of higher orders of thought and purposive will. [Paper 3:6.3, page 53.1]

We evolutionary mortals are prone to look upon mind as a cosmic mediation between spirit and matter, for that is indeed the principal ministry of mind as discernible by us. Yet the Thought Adjuster is pure spirit who is volitional and active in mind. Your Thought Adjuster is always waiting to act decisively in accordance with your human choice, and all these choices are highly volitional reactions. In all situations not concerned with the domain of the human will, this Divine Spirit unquestionably exhibits conduct which betokens the exercise of powers in every sense the equivalent of will, maximated decision.

In perusing the program you will see we have approached the theme in a variety ways according to the presenters, through the lens of reason looking at the cosmos, through exhaustion of experiential potentials of supremacy, through primacy of spirit in decision making, through the evolutionary outworking of spirit in society, through a deeper understanding of the mind spirit-interface in psychology, through the eyes of youth on how the spirit moves them, through how the spirit moving through New Zealand is being manifested and a topical study group session where everyone can contribute on the relevance of the significance of Spirit Dominance in achieving a balanced personality.

The fact Adjusters have flocked to our planet bodes very well for the outworking of Michael’s plan regarding the destiny of Urantia. We who have the benefit of revelation early in its planetary mission are very fortunate indeed.

The Canberra hosts of this year’s conference are preparing a rich experience for you and remind you that this is the right moment to send in your registration.

For more information and registration details you can either: