Islamic Sayings

Arena 2001 Vol 08 No 3.Spring

George Zuberbuehler

Here is a selection of some of the Islamic sayings that may help to cast this religion in a more benevolent and hope-filled light. I felt they contained much in common with the higher truth and love contained in The Urantia Book, and could one day serve somehow as a bridge to our revelation.


Take firm hold, all of you,
On the rope of God.
Do not break up into divisions.
Be mindful of the grace of God to you,
How you were formerly enemies,
And He united your hearts
In mutual bonds, so that by His grace,
You became brothers.
Qur’an 3:103, ISLAM

The lamps are different,
But the light is the same:
It comes from beyond.

The creation
Is as God’s family;
For its sustenance is from Him:
Therefore the most beloved unto God
Is the person who does good
To God’s family.
Hadith, ISLAM

Do you love your Creator?
Love your fellow beings first.
Hadith, ISLAM

The Eternal Wisdom Made all things in love.
On love they all depend,
To love all turn.
The Earth, the heavens,
The sun, the moon, the stars,
The center of their orbit find
In love.
Attar, ISLAM

Blessed is the man
Who has drunk of the cup of His love
And tasted the joy of communion
With God Most Glorious
And has approached Him
With delight in his love for Him.
Abu Sa‘id, ISLAM

Do not say that,
If people do good to us,
We will do good to them;
And if people oppress us,
We will oppress them;
But determine that,
If people do you good,
You will do good to them;
And if they oppress you,
You will not oppress them.
Hadith, ISLAM

Thus said the Lord,
“Verily those who are patient
In adversity and Forgive wrongs,
Are doers of excellence.”
Hadith, ISLAM

There is no man
Who is wounded and pardons
The giver of the wound
But God will exalt his dignity
And diminish his faults.
Hadith, ISLAM

Charity is a duty
Unto every Muslim.
He who has not
The means thereto,
Let him do a good act or
Abstain from an evil one.
That is his charity.
Hadith, ISLAM

There is always the great danger that religion will become distorted and perverted into the pursuit of false goals, as when in times of war each contending nation prostitutes its religion into military propaganda. Loveless zeal is always harmful to religion, while persecution diverts the activities of religion into the achievement of some sociologic or theologic drive. [Paper 99:3.8, page 1088.9].

Religionists, as a group, must never concern themselves with anything but religion, albeit any one such religionist, as an individual citizen, may become the outstanding leader of some social, economic, or political reconstruction movement.
It is the business of religion to create, sustain, and inspire such a cosmic loyalty in the individual citizen as will direct him to the achievement of success in the advancement of all these difficult but desirable social services. [Paper 99:3.15-16, page 1089.7-8].