Urantia Towards Light & Life

(Editor’s Note: Mining the Archives is a collection of articles that have been published in various newsletters over the years and have been lying buried in the archives. A team of volunteers have been “mining the archives” for the gems, so now we can bring them into the light of day to share using modern-day technology.)


From the Six-O-Six Newsletter , Sept-Oct 1988

Easier Way

Oftentimes Australians like to find the easy way to do things.

There is the story of the Australian fisherman who worked out an easy way to catch fish in a stream, using his horse and cart. He drove his horse and cart right into the stream. He poured honey onto the horse’s tail. Flies came to feed on the honey. The fish came and jumped up to catch the flies. Then the horse kicked the fish onto the cart.

The history of Urantia reads like a comedy of errors. Frequently, much of the progress that was made has been lost, and has had to be achieved all over again. I have been wondering if there is an easier way for Urantia to progress and if it is really possible to achieve it. And I have also been wondering whether I can help and in a significant way.


Michael’s own commitment, during his bestowal on Urantia, was to reveal the will of the Father. And his life on Urantia was an extraordinary demonstration of desire to attune to the will of the Father.

Personal outcomes are linked to my own act of will. A Thought Adjuster was bestowed in response to my first moral personality decision. And the Thought Adjuster, who demonstrates such divine love and extraordinary resourcefulness, is always subservient to my will.

Planetary outcomes are linked to acts of will. The decision of Andon and Fonta to flee home was observed by every celestial intelligence stationed on Urantia and they were all greatly concerned with what Andon and Fonta were planning. The happy outcome was celebrated on the system and constellation and universe headquarters. It resulted in a new circuitry for Urantia and it changed the nature of the supervision of the planet.

I feel that an act of will is an important beginning in helping Urantia.

Love of Michael

During Michael’s bestowal on Urantia, his apostles and followers often failed to fully understand or appreciate his teaching. They were often bewildered and even demoralised. Yet most of his apostles and many of his followers went on to remarkable and productive careers.

What was the key thing that supported their wills and carried them forward? Their love of Michael. And after Pentecost, Michael’s Spirit of Truth. When they could not comprehend, their love of Michael was sufficient.

My First Step

There is a song called “What Are You Doing the Test of Your Life.” Well, every day for the rest of my life I intend to say this prayer:

God my Father, it is my will that Urantia achieves progress (as you will) ever more effectively. Michael, I love you.

Do I expect to see real progress during my lifetime? Yes I do! That song is from a motion picture called “The Happy Ending”!