Living the Ascension Plan in Terrestrial Human Experience

The Plan of the Spirit

(Presented at Urantia Association’s International Conference in Dourdan, France, July 2002)

With your spiritual eyes anointed, you would see the heavens open and behold the angels of God ascending and descending.  And many of us, while functioning in the government of the Father and the universes of the Sons, are assigned to the service of the human races.  We have ministered on Urantia since the earliest times of human intelligence. We inform heaven about this remote part of the universe.  We are the angels of heaven. In the words of Jesus, we are ministering spirits. [Paper 167:7.4, page 1841.3]

In recent days we have learnt of the brilliant plans of the Father and of the Son. Now we shall see the correlation of these plans with the plan of the Infinite Spirit.

The Adjuster is the presence of the Father; the Spirit of Truth, the presence of the Sons. [Paper 113:3.3, page 1244.4]

These divine endowments are coordinated on the levels of human spiritual experience by the Ministering Spirits, who combine the love of the Father and the mercy of the Son, in their ministry to you and to me. They do this on behalf of the Infinite Spirit. The three plans are in fact the one unified plan.

Initially, God the Father created the Infinite Spirit in order to be free from the bonds of centralized perfection. In turn, the Infinite Spirit liberates God through three grand divisions, one of which is the Ministering Spirits of Time. These Ministering Spirits are:

  • The supernaphim, the angelic hosts of the central universe
  • The seconaphim, the ministering spirits of the superuniverses
  • The seraphim, hosts of the local universes

Primary Supernaphim

…children of the Infinite spirit, are perfect beings. They are servants to the Deities on the Central Isle of Paradise. Yet they ever attend us, from this origin world of Urantia, until we are finally mustered into the Mortal Corps of the Finality.

Primary Seconaphim

…act as living mirrors to the Ancients of Days who are positioned midway between the inhabited worlds and Paradise—between man and God. Thus, the Ancient of Days

can instantly look both ways, hear both ways, and know both ways. [Paper 28:4.2, page 308.1]

The seconaphim interpret the mind of the Infinite Spirit to the Ancients of Days. They are the personal representatives of the Third Source and Center. They can also reflect the minds of the Creator Sons. For example, if the Ancients of Days want to know Michael’s attitude about a certain matter,

they need only call for the Chief of Nebadon Voices, who, upon request, will present the Michael seconaphim of record; and right then and there the Ancients of Days will perceive the voice of the Master Son of Nebadon. [Paper 28:4.2, page 309.0]

The Father’s will for the administrative affairs of Urantia is thereby perfectly known.

Secondary Seconaphim

…are equally reflective as their primary fellows. They serve the associates of the Ancients of Days, and are known to us by beautiful names such as:

  • the Voices of Wisdom
  • the Souls of Philosophy
  • the Hearts of Counsel
  • the Joys of Existence
  • the Satisfactions of Service

Tertiary Seconaphim

……are everlasting guideposts…at the crossroads of time, there to guide the feet of anxious pilgrims in moments of great perplexity and spiritual uncertainty. [Paper 28:7.4, page 318.1]

We are certainly blessed. The ministrations of these spirits comfort us in our long journey inwards through space. 

The Seraphim Cherubim and Sanobim

…are the Ministering Spirits in a Local Universe. They are the offspring of the Universe Mother Spirit. What is the main purpose for their creation? The seraphim and their assistants, along with the midwayers, perfectly bridge the gap between the material and spiritual worlds, between mortal man and spirit beings. (Paper 38:9.9)

At the time of the writing of the Urantia Papers there were just over five hundred million pairs of seraphim. That is over one billion individual angels. And there are about the same number of cherubim. (Paper 114:0.2) We are truly blessed with assistance from above.

On the spiritual level, seraphim are coordinators. On the intellectual level they are interpreters of mind. And on the physical level they manipulate terrestrial environment through the Master Physical Controllers and the midway creatures. (Paper 113:3.5)

They are referred to as ‘angels’ and are largely concerned with the operation of the plans of mortal survival. Seraphim also assist the superhuman government of a planet, especially worlds like Urantia which have been isolated by rebellion. The angels, assisted again by the midwayers, function here as supermaterial ministers and execute the mandates of the resident governor general. (Paper 114:0.3)

But how does such a subordinate angelic personality, created but a little above the universe level of humanity, do such difficult and complex things? [Paper 113:3.6, page 1244.7]

The Chief of Seraphim stationed on Urantia admits that she really does not know, but conjectures that this phenomenal ministry is facilitated by the unrevealed working of the Supreme Being, the actualizing Deity of the evolving universes of time and space.

It is indeed a most remarkable plan. God has devised a vast scheme of survival through spiritual progression. We are all taking part in this plan.

What Exactly Do Seraphim Do?

  • They lead us into paths of new and progressive experiences. We are told this ‘rarely means attaining a life of ease’. (Paper 113:4.3) It sounds like it is possible but it is rare. I’ve yet to meet that person who says it has been easy.
  • They manipulate the mortal environment so that we have a greater realization of the presence of our indwelling Adjuster. (Paper 113:4.4)
  • With the assistance of the midway creatures, they can ‘make actual contact with mankind, but such occurrences are very unusual’. (Paper 113:5.5)
  • We receive the undivided assistance of these personal guardians of destiny ‘to finish the third circle, traverse the second, and attain the first’. (Paper 113:1.8) What do they do? They stimulate our minds so we can make decisions that get us from one circle to the next. How do they do this? They work through our ‘social, ethical, and moral environment’. (Paper 113:4.1)
  • Finally the seraphim unify their vast ministries of the Infinite Spirit on mansonia, correlating the influence of the Conjoint Actor with the spirit presences of the Father and the Son.

How Can We Best Work with the Ministering Spirits?

(We do need each other)

  1. Understand how alike we are to these spirit beings;
  2. Give recognition to their presence and serendipitous ways;
  3. Endeavor to reciprocate the warm affection they feel for us;
  4. Allow your higher intellectual powers to overcome ‘the thoughtless panic of dread and anxiety’. (Paper 113:2.4)

What Can Better Cooperation Achieve?  

(We need to work together)

  1. The successful custody of the Urantia Papers;
  2. Greater responsiveness to the leadings of the Thought Adjuster;
  3. A more fulfilling life by ‘staying on track’ with the preferred ascension career;
  4. The emergence of the Supreme Being and the era of Light and Life;

Guardian Angels

Guardian angels are seraphim devoted to the ministry to individual mortals. They are only assigned as guardian seraphim when appointed to a human soul who has realized one or more of three achievements:

  • ‘has made a supreme decision to become Godlike,
  • has entered the third circle, or
  • has been mustered into one of the reserve corps of destiny.’(Paper 113:2.1)

I would like to mention a story about Jesus to illustrate their ministering role. Remember when he ascended the mountain for the final showdown with Lucifer? A remarkable incident took place. He asked his Father to send back the guardian seraphim to “be with Tiglath”. He wanted to deal with this last mortal struggle alone. ‘He went into the great test with only his indwelling Adjuster to guide and sustain him’. (Paper 134:8.2) And it is revealed that ‘when the trying ordeal was finished, the detached guardian seraphim returned to Jesus’ side and ministered to him’. (Paper 134:8.8)

Ministered to him, the seraphim was able to console Jesus at this most distressing time. What a remarkable coordination of spirit energies. If seraphim can deal with that mission, I’m sure they can brilliantly attend to us in our earthly battles.

Cherubim and Sanobim

The Ministering Spirits of the Local Universes embrace the seraphim and their assistants, the cherubim. Mortal ascenders have our initial contact with these offspring of the Universe Mother Spirit.

Cherubim and sanobim are very near the morontia level of existence, and they are most efficient in ‘the physical, morontial, and spiritual domains’.(Paper 38:7.6) As required they work in liaison with the midway creatures.

Advanced ‘cherubim and sanobim are re-embraced by the Universe Mother Spirit’ and ‘emerge as full-fledged seraphim’.(Paper 38:8.6) Henceforth, the role of seraphim, with all of its Paradise possibilities, is open to such reborn cherubim and sanobim. These angels can be assigned as guardians of destiny to mortal beings.

We now see how the many orders of spirit beings interrelate within their hierarchy, and how they interact with the mortals of time and space. Their organization ‘works’ – there is order and logic. We are to go and do likewise. It is indeed quite a plan.


The midway creatures, the permanent citizens of Urantia, are functionally grouped with the ministering spirits, but are not really of the angelic order.

At the last adjudication, the midwayers numbered 10,992. They are known as the United Midwayers of Urantia. (Paper 77:8.1)

Midwayers are indispensable to the seraphim in their role as personal guardians to mortals and compensate that gap between the material and spiritual affairs of Urantia.

The Service Role of the United Midwayers of Urantia

  • They assist with quick and reliable personal communication.
  • They guard and patrol the invisible spirit realm of the planet on behalf of the supernatural beings
  • They are essential in contact liaisons between the spiritual and the material levels.
  • The more spiritual act as assistants to the various orders of seraphim.

The primary midwayers usually minister to the spiritual forces resident on the planet. Secondary midwayers are nearer man than angel and are therefore very understanding in their contact with human beings. They exist just outside the range of mortal vision and ‘have certain definite powers over the things of time and space’. (Paper 77:8.7)

The 1,111 loyal secondary midwayers are engaged in important missions on earth. ‘Their chief work today is that of unperceived personal-liaison associates of those men and women who constitute the planetary reserve corps of destiny.’ (Paper 77:8.9)

Actions Taken by Midwayers

The midwayers in association with certain spirit personalities have been involved in great moments in history:

  • Sufficient numbers demonstrated loyalty during the defaults of the Planetary Prince and Adam and Eve. They are a rebellion-tested corps;
  • Loyal cherubim and seraphim and three faithful midwayers assumed custody of the tree of life at the time of the rebellion;
  • When Jesus turned the water into wine at Cana;
  • At the death and resurrection of Jesus;
  • Instrumental in the co-ordination of personalities and circumstances on Urantia which finally convinced the planetary supervisors to initiate the Urantia Papers.


Now that we have spoken about each of the Ministering Spirits attached to the Infinite Spirit, let us see how they inter-relate through the Father and the Son.

The God presence of the indwelling Adjuster, the encircuited action of the Holy Spirit,and the Son-consciousness of the Spirit of Truth,correlate into a unity of spiritual ministry to a mortal personality, through the ministering personality of the guardian seraphim. These celestial influences integrate in the evolving presence of the Supreme Being.(Paper 113:4.6)

And in the personal experience of an individual mortal these diverse levels are unified
and made meaningful by the ‘mysterious operations of the divine Thought Adjuster’. (Paper 38:9.9)

We live with spirit beings. One day we shall all celebrate the era of Light and Life. For now we are beginning to see how divinity pervades time and space. The plans of eternity are being revealed to us. Through these means, God is potentially present on the headquarters of the super and local universes. He is also potentially present in our hearts and in our minds. He truly does walk every moment and every mile with us.

Closing comments

In closing, I would like to ask you: What do you think your guardian angel would like to say to you? I think they would seek better cooperation for spiritual progression. On Urantia, a message transmitted by a guardian angel for their human associate, might be introduced as follows:

Please make record of this my personal message.

Much of my difficulty is due to the unending conflict between your two natures:

the ideals of a superior people crossed by the instincts of an inferior race, the view of a far-seeing Monitor counteracted by the nearsightedness of a creature of time, the plans of an ascending being modified by the desires of a material nature, the urge of angels opposed by the emotions of an animal, the joys of living ever threatened by the sorrows of death. Such a life on such a planet! (Paper 111:7.5)

Such a life on such a planet! – Little did that angel realize her immortal words would one day make a great screen saver!!

Then might follow a beautifully touching and appealing petition of appreciation:

I first served as an observer on the lowest of the evolutionary worlds. Then I began my advanced studies on the architectural worlds in the Nebadon system. When fully prepared I was commissioned as a Ministering Spirit of Time to serve with you on this planet Urantia. (Paper 38:5.3)

I now guard you; I do not seek directly to influence you. You must chart your own course, but I then ‘act to make the best possible use of the course you have chosen’. (Paper 113:5.4)

This has been achieved quite independently of your direct appeals and your prayers; I execute the mandates of my superiors. (Paper 113:5.3)

I now transmit to you my sincere appreciation for our association.

You will be assisting me to rise from these lowly origins to the heights of glory, one day to serve the incarnated Paradise Sons. (Paper 39:9.1)

Through you, I am having experiences that compensate for the greater divinity of the ministering spirits of the central and superuniverses.

Thank you for your sincere co-operation, your cheerful endurance of our tasks, your faithfulness in carrying out the program arranged for us, for patiently going through the trials of your Thought Adjuster’s selection.

Remember, as we strive for divine perfection, that the guardian angels, together with all the faithful ministering spirits of time, are always and forever your true friends and unfailing helpers all the way to Havona, even on Paradise. (Paper 39:9.1)

Let us trust that we are meeting the approval of the chiefs of our kind. Step by step you and I are passing on to judgment. May we await with pleasure and without apprehension, the roll call of destiny. (Paper 110:7.10)

The plans for ‘the revelation of God to the world, in and through Jesus, shall not fail’. [Paper 196:3.33)

Thank you.