ANZURA Conference Victoria 2017

29th September to 2nd October, 2017

The Australian & New Zealand Urantia Association invite students of The Urantia Book to attend our annual conference to be held at the “Continental House” retreat centre in the beautiful in Hepburn Springs, the heart of Victoria’s spa country. The venue is situated in a one-acre garden with plenty of private courtyards and peaceful outdoor areas.

The theme will be The Challenge of Survival with the subtitle “Now and the future, according to The Urantia Book.” We will be addressing questions such as: “What does The Urantia Book say about where we are now as a planet?” and, “How did we get here and where are we going?” There are enough implications in the book to let us know that it is up to enlightened citizens of the planet to come to terms with present day reality and ensure the values taught in the book survive and have a future.

Mankind is on the march toward a new and unrevealed planetary destiny. [Paper 99:1.1, page 1086.4]

…society can never hope to settle down as in past ages. The social ship has steamed out of the sheltered bays of established tradition and has begun its cruise upon the high seas of evolutionary destiny; and the soul of man, as never before in the world’s history, needs carefully to scrutinize its charts of morality and painstakingly to observe the compass of religious guidance. The paramount mission of religion as a social influence is to stabilize the ideals of mankind during these dangerous times of transition from one phase of civilization to another, from one level of culture to another. [Paper 99:1.3, page 1086.6]

We humans are the most intelligent beings on the planet and are capable of resolving not only physical survival, but also the social and cultural destiny of the planet.

The Urantia Book provides us with in-depth explanations of our world’s origin and journey to the present time and gives us a greater understanding of our present situation. It describes an array of unseen and uplifting support that surrounds and indwells us, and describes at length the incredible future that lies before us with a destiny of transcendent and eternal adventures. There is a purpose; there are reasons for our current reality, and there are incredible answers to the big questions. No matter what happens we are assured of the supernal care, support and security of infinite and eternal love that enfolds us, both within and around us to guide us in the here now, and into a superlative life beyond.

These are the kinds of issues we will be exploring at this year’s conference so please come and join us in discovering how we can make a difference by playing our unique part today as it relates to the whole.


Continental House, 9 Lone Pine Avenue, Hepburn Springs, Victoria, Australia

We will have exclusive use of “Continental House” which is situated in the heart of Victoria’s Spa Country. It is a 1927 retreat centre that has recently been fully renovated and offers a special location for retreats and group functions. It has much that contributes to health and well-being with a one-acre garden with plenty of private courtyards and peaceful outdoor areas. It also has a Yoga room and a Spa room and the famous Hepburn Springs are just a hop, skip and a jump away. Accommodation is all on-site and consists of 12 bedrooms with a combination of Twin and Queen rooms. All rooms are heated and have ceiling fans. There are log fires in the lounge and dining rooms. Bed linen and towels are supplied. (


The Centre provides a self-serve breakfast as well as lunch and dinner every day. In addition, tea, coffee and other refreshments will be available throughout the day.


Full conference fee is $360. These costs cover 3 night’s accommodation plus all meals from Friday dinner to Monday breakfast. Alcoholic beverages will be available for an extra cost.

Daily Rate: $80 – includes both lunch and dinner plus tea and coffee throughout the day

Daily Rate: $40 – includes only lunch plus tea and coffee throughout the day


To register click on the downloadable brochure which has the registration form and details on how to pay.

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