Why the Need to Teach

Loyalties are not exercised in behalf of the great, the good, the true, and the noble without a struggle. Effort is attendant upon clarification of spiritual vision and enhancement of cosmic insight.
[Paper 100:4.2, page 1097:6]

Before we attempt any task, before we become anything at all – in a professional or private arena we need to learn and know about it – we have to equip ourselves.

So asking the question Why – and later how – is crucial to an in-depth understanding of the subject matter before going ahead and ‘turning the key’. Experience shows us that we save ourselves – and others – lots of pain and trouble and avoid major mis-takes.

So it was by trying to arrive at a workable answer
to this big WHY – why teachers of a religion, why the need, why we, we Urantia Book readers!?, why now? – I’ve asked these ‘why and what questions’ over and over again.

Asking questions in any case is a good thing, it opens up those windows in the mind, lots of them, it has been so intriguing and I like you to help me asking and answering some of them this morning.

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