Eternal Isle of Paradise

Eternal Isle of Paradise



This is a work of over 17 individual papers dealing with revealed cosmology as in The Urantia Book.


Revelation affords a common meeting ground for the discoveries of both science and religion and makes possible the human attempt logically to correlate these separate but interdependent domains of thought into a well-balanced philosophy of scientific stability and religious certainty. [Paper 103:7.9, page 1139:1]

With the guidance given by the celestial teachers who authored The Urantia Book,

…it is just as possible to find the personal presence of God at the center of all things as to find distant cities on your own planet. [Paper 11:1.3, page 118:5]

We no longer need be disoriented in the vastness of space. We can find the home of the Universal Father on the Eternal Isle of Paradise.

Dynamic Grand Universe Model


The Urantia Bookcontainsa unique and beautiful cosmology. The galaxies of the universe are organized in concentrically arranged elliptical space levels which revolve about the Isle of Paradise, the dwelling place of God.
Our Milky Way galaxy is part of Orvonton, one of seven superuniverses found in the superuniverse space level shown in Exhibit 1. Uversa is the headquarters world of Orvonton and is at the rotational center of our superuniverse.
From the geometry of the superuniverse space level,the distance from Uversa to Paradise is 2.3 times the radius of Orvonton, since each superuniverse occupies one-seventh of the space level. Is there some cosmic structure we can see through our telescopes that matches this ideal model of the grand universe?