More Things in Heaven and Earth

A few years back, the TV station SBS would often take a moment, between programs, to remind us of  something. A deep, raspy voice would simply say: The world is an amazing place….

Indeed it is. And the more we learn about the world, the more amazing it becomes.

In every field, researchers find that things are stranger than they seem. Whether it’s sorting out how DNA really works, how mind relates  to brain, or what mass and matter really are, at the cutting edge, our prize winning theories, our best philosophies, fall short and fail to explain what’s really going on.

Even today, more than ever, Shakespeare’s famous words still hit the spot. And given what this Urantia Book reveals, there truly are more things, in heaven and on earth, than we could ever imagine.
Of all the unimaginable things these papers reveal, maybe the most surprising is what they say about ourselves; about our relationship with the spirit of our Father within, about our
educational ascent to Paradise. But not only do these papers tell us “how we go to heaven”, they also say a lot about… “how the heavens go”.
In fact, they say so much about so many things that when someone asks the question: “Ok, so what’s this all about?” it would be nice if we could point them to a simple introduction, something non-trivial, but short, and easy on the eye.

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