Finding ~ and Framing ~ Truth

How does the modern sophisticated soul deal with truth, let alone revelations about truth? In the following article we try to frame the question, to illustrate the problem, and to see where students of the Urantia Papers may fit in.

Twenty eight years ago Carl Sagan’s TV series “Cosmos” was first shown. The content is now dated, and easily forgotten, but who could forget his sincerity, and the enthusiasm with which he presented what at the time were revelations to the public about the cosmic context of mankind? The unveiled joy and unfeigned awe with which he presented these things provoked many a cynical and ‘scientifically literate’ interviewer to ask, “So is all this the handiwork of God? Do you believe in a Creator?” To whom he would issue the rhetorical challenge: “Whatever your mathematics or your gods, they will have to explain… this!” as he dialled up yet another astrophysical wonder on the view-screen of his virtual starship.

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