1995 Auckland, New Zealand

Living with The URANTIA Book

Auckland, Devenport – October 1995

Initially the planned  Second Pacific conference at Saint Francis Retreat in Auckland could not go ahead because of low registration numbers. Nevertheless, the NZ readers convened over the weekend with Kathleen and Trevor joining them from OZ!!

The religious challenge of this age is to those farseeing and forward-looking men and women of spiritual insight who will dare to construct a new and appealing philosophy of living out of the enlarged and exquisitely integrated modern concepts of cosmic truth, universe beauty and divine goodness [Paper 2:7.10, page 43.3]

The conference built on bonds of friendship, tolerance and a shared vision of brotherhood under the fatherhood of God made during the first South Pacific Conference.

The vision was expanded further by having a forum where attendees were able to share their respective philosophies of living as they have been enhanced by revelation. Presented their personal experiences in applying the ideas and values gained from the teachings of The Urantia Book as applied to the most important task of mortal existence. Experiencing to the full the life you now live.

…Very important is the work of preparation for the next higher sphere, but nothing equals the importance of the work of the world in which you are actually living.…
[Paper 48:6.section7, page 555:5]