1994 Croyden, Vic – Shepherd’s Pie


Shepherds’ Pie

You who would be the undershepherds of my Father’s flocks must not only be worthy leaders, but you must also feed the flock with good food; you are not true shepherds unless you lead your flocks into green pastures and beside still waters.” [Paper 165:2.6, page 1819.2]

What Happens at the Conference?

This annual event is friendly and informal, usually with 30 to 50 people from many Australian States, and some overseas visitors. It includes presentations and workshops and discussion on relevant topics, news and stories, and opportunities for individuals to facilitate meditation or discussion or study groups.

Social/leisure activities have included music and dance (both recitals and participatory), plays, quiz nights, and excursions in beautiful settings.

It includes catered meals end ample free time, to enhance opportunities to meet new and old friends.

Many of these friendships span long distances within Australia and around the world, and long time-intervals since previous face-to-face contact. Before planning Melbourne 1990, I asked regulars what they liked best, and their overwhelming reply was: “The fellowship!”

Martin McBurney – Co-ordinator, Melbourne 1994



As far as I am concerned, the spiritual content of any conference is not to be found in words but in the behaviour and contacts between people. And those conferences, large or small, have the advantage of giving the opportunity to gather truth-seekers. This, we owe to God, our Father in heaven, because He is the very One who gives us this immediate feeling of brotherhood. Those moments, when discovering a new sister or brother, are “magic. It’s as if we had already known each other for a long time! Like “kindred spirits” we are inexplicably attracted and, beyond the spoken words, our souls commune in a common outburst of brotherhood.

Georges Michelson-Dupont, Blennes – FRANCE
from ”THE LETTER”, Summer 1993, No. 32



Sacred Heart Retreat & Conference Centre Croydon – an outer suburb, East of Melbourne


  • 55 year old former Monastery
  • most rooms original
  • set in 48 acres overlooking Dandenong Ranges
  • on-site car parking
  • Telecom gold phone
  • no smoking indoors
  • providing amenities / accommodation I catering

– we are providing the program

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