A Poem

I’m composed and full of feeling.
I’m en-wrapped in silent healing.
The air flows cool in the Father’s mountains.

There isn’t much to say
How we spend each pleasant day,
But know, deep down within,
That God’s Spark is close to Him.


Our walks of life take different tolls
Of moods, of thoughts, we’re all different moulds.
Sometimes we cry for inner peace.
We’re glad to have a part, a piece
of Life adjusting –  inwardly and outwards.

Then the chores of climbing and the upward search
to find a cloud, a rising perch.


The Pilot watches, waits and prompts us
The waiting seems in patience dwells
We burn the  midnight oils of searching
To do the Will, within ourselves.



I’m looking back on years of thinking
I’m slowly moving, surely not sinking.
And while I have the goal in sight,
I’ll carry on my God ward flight,

Merging, feeling, it’s a pleasant surprise
To grasp, enjoy and embrace all my ties.