1985 Melbourne, VIC

The Public & Private Ministry of The URANTIA Book

1985, July 20 – Toorak Campus of Victoria college
Glenferrie Road, Malvern, VIC

Announcement –  May 85, 6-0-6

1985 – Regional Meeting

Plans for the July 85 Meeting of URANTIA Book readers are now well under way. Those interested in attending are requested to complete and return the enclosed registration from.

We should emphasize that this meeting being of one day duration, could be more suited to readers in the Melbourne region. This is in no way meant to dissuade others from attending, but we do not wish to imply that this is a National conference.

The topic under consideration will be ‘The public &Private Ministry of The URANTIA Book’. A full agenda will be forwarded to those attending. We plan to address what is perhaps the most serious matter facing the URANTIA movement worldwide: what are the best ways to make The URANTIA Book available to others.

We shall aim to develop an Australian viewpoint on a diverse range of subjects such as:

            ‘Public and private’ alternatives
            – Book distribution & Book costs
             -Policy towards Media Enquiries
             -Current status of the Australian trust
             -Administration of activities.

Input from every concerned citizen is vital. Each step that we are now taking has long term implications. Together we can endeavour to plan wisely.

Malvern Townhall

606 -June 1985A friendly reminder

The Melbourne Regional Meeting takes place this year on July 20, at the Toorak Campus of Victoria College.
If you plan to attend, please forward your registration form as soon as possible. For any last minute arrangements, phone direct on 592-6269.
Judging by registrations already received, we’re in for a great meeting

A regional conference was convened at Victoria College and the question of forming a URANTIA Society in Australia was discussed. An exploratory letter was written to the URANTIA Foundation. (10th Anniv issue)

606, July 1985 – editorial

The July conference in Melbourne was a real treat. As can be expected when readers gather, there was plenty of lively discussion and social interaction.
Our ambitious agenda was covered all too briefly, but we did discuss our long term interests and identify the real problem area  the book available.
We have moved one step closer to making a reality of decisions made through the process of teamwork. …(creation of ANZURA, ed. )
The work is progressive. Future conferences will no doubt build upon foundations achieved to date.
More details next month

606, Oct 85 – article – Keith Bacon, Melbourne

Firstly I would like to thank many for making this conference happen and for all the 606 news which has contributed so much to our faith. Certainly the things people have in common are more important than things which divide them.

Already from a weak start in the 70’s Urantian families and study groups of today are springing up in every capital city. Today it seems the waiting is the hardest part.
in 160AD a father of the Latin church, Septimus Tertullian, in a letter to the Roman judges said: “ the blood of Christians is like see, the faster you mow us down, the thicker we spring up”. Yet still today nothing is perfect in God’s perfect plan for this planet, except this book.

To me one of the profound proofs of the authority of the URANTIA Revelation is the re-statement of a Christian philosophy of history. Together with the Spirit of Truth this inspiring adjustment brings back Jesus’ teaching clearly into focus and makes it appear as though he was here only yesterday.

The abandonment by orthodox Christianity of a Christian philosophy of history has distorted struggling believers’ time perception of Jesus. And from a world scenario, how recdetnly he was here.
For example the youth of today derive almost no inspiration from the history of Western culture, because that history is shattered by World wars, arms races, man’s inhumanity to man.
Probably because this is a life experiment planet, new waves of cultural morality sweep over us, breaking down our cultural inhibitions. And because most people are uninspired by history without Jesus, morality, for many people living in Western culture, must be derived from these new waves of cultural emotion.
As it becomes quite conceivable that soon a new wave of culture will evangelize Jesus’ teaching in the sole company of the URANTIA Book, defining this method of spiritual awakening by debating and developing unified policies on many controversial issues, is an urgent task of our spiritual brotherhood.

We must socialize our religion to make it happen.

We must socialize our religion to make it happen. Certainly the universal solver is love. A father’s love, in his heart, delights in returning good for bad. We can all stop the pain by turning the other cheek. By loving or enemies, we increase our hunger for righteousness. Surrender through faith devalues what people disagree about. When we are born again of the Spirit, all things are new. First we must be spiritually transformed for the magic of revelation to work.