Growing the Supreme

Introduction In eternity God the Father separated spirit from energy-matter and put spirit under the control of the Eternal Son and energy-matter under the control of Paradise. But interestingly, the revelators point out that on Paradise, from which both forms are distributed to the universes, the two energy forms are indistinguishable—they cannot be told one … read more of Growing the Supreme.

Conference 2004 Preamble – Echoes of Eden

Mining the Archives (“Mined” from the Autumn Arena 2004) We are familiar with the assertion made sometimes by religious believers: “To the unbeliever no demonstration is possible, to the believer none is necessary.” If you don’t know God, there is no explanation or proof which can convince you of his reality. Spiritual realities are not … read more of Conference 2004 Preamble – Echoes of Eden.

Historical Demise of the Religion of Jesus

What Happened? The midwayers tell us that the gospel of Jesus was not the central message of the Christian religion.  Jesus tried to impart his religion to the apostles and other followers. What we got from them was a religion about the person of Jesus.  What happened?  Why did the simple truth of God as … read more of Historical Demise of the Religion of Jesus.

Group Worship

From ” Mining the Archives” – 6-0-6 March/April 1988 Some time ago , while experimenting with group worship with a few other readers, I was struck by an apparent incongruity in what we were attempting. We were taking turns in talking to God on behalf of the group and it was clear, that we were … read more of Group Worship.

The Path of Faith

        Introduction Faith can be looked on in many ways.  Being a fundamental element of any consideration of religion, it receives the attention of the revelators in so many ways that the word is mentioned 543 times in The Urantia Book.  You are all familiar with the importance of faith, so I am … read more of The Path of Faith.

We Are What We Teach

My message is simply that the best approach we can take to assisting the infusion of the Urantia revelation into the world is to incorporate the teachings of the book into our daily lives. The expansion of our frame of reference resulting from the information the book contains is almost overwhelming at first. Think about … read more of We Are What We Teach.

The Meaning of Worship and Service

The urge to worship appears naturally with the activation of the sixth Adjutant Mind Spirit. In humans the urge to worship and the capacity for it are innate. Although we all experience this urge as individuals, in our own way, in its most basic form, worship is the recognition and honoring of the mysterious and … read more of The Meaning of Worship and Service.

A common Metaphysical Vocabulary

For anyone seeking truth these days there is no shortage of information. In fact, there is a veritable flood of information through which the seeker must wade in order to discover what he needs. There is a multitude of books, periodicals, journals, magazines, newsletters, movies, DVD’s, websites and lectures from doctors, psychologists, philosophers, academics, journalists, … read more of A common Metaphysical Vocabulary.

Isolation as an Evolutionary Technique

Urantia book readers in Australia well understand that isolation is not highly regarded by the revelators.  They are at pains to point out the danger of personal isolation and the failure to socialize one’s spiritual impulses.  Their emphasis is on service, community and social interaction rather than isolation and self contemplation. Nevertheless, the creators make … read more of Isolation as an Evolutionary Technique.

Eden and the Adamic Perspective

Canberra Conference 2004 Though it’s obviously difficult to guess just what was taught in Eden 37,000 years ago, the children of Adam and Eve must have been told something of the nature and structure of Nebadon and its component constellations and systems, and particularly of their own future after their sojourn on Urantia was finished. … read more of Eden and the Adamic Perspective.