Isolation as an Evolutionary Technique

Urantia book readers in Australia well understand that isolation is not highly regarded by the revelators.  They are at pains to point out the danger of personal isolation and the failure to socialize one’s spiritual impulses.  Their emphasis is on service, community and social interaction rather than isolation and self contemplation. Nevertheless, the creators make … read more of Isolation as an Evolutionary Technique.

Eden and the Adamic Perspective

Canberra Conference 2004 Though it’s obviously difficult to guess just what was taught in Eden 37,000 years ago, the children of Adam and Eve must have been told something of the nature and structure of Nebadon and its component constellations and systems, and particularly of their own future after their sojourn on Urantia was finished. … read more of Eden and the Adamic Perspective.

No Explanation is possible

We are familiar with the assertion made sometimes by religious believers: ‘To the unbeliever no demonstration is possible, to the believer none is necessary.” If you don’t know God, there is no explanation or proof which can convince you of his reality. Spiritual realities are not susceptible to intellectual demonstration.  Similarly, if you don’t know … read more of No Explanation is possible.

The Kingdom of Heaven is still within you

  Beyond 2000 Previous presentations have emphasised the opportunities of a fresh start which the new millennium symbolises. But continuity with the old is just as significant. The Kingdom of Heaven is still within us; nothing has changed. The adjuster, the spirit of truth, the adjutant mind spirits, the holy spirit and so on are … read more of The Kingdom of Heaven is still within you.