Mind over Matter – Spirit over Mind

The Challenge of Choice As a clinical psychologist, I often present my clients with the assertion: “Most of our life is spent in a mindless state!” This is usually met with expressions of bemusement or puzzlement, or a knowing nod of the head. But what am I getting at when I make such a bold … read more of Mind over Matter – Spirit over Mind.

Touching The Divine

This is the second in a series of articles dealing with the ultimate human experience. In this article, I wish to explore the central and critical role of prayer and especially worship in both our individual and collective lives. In my last article, “The Ultimate Human Experience”, I highlighted the extraordinary, breath-taking, and mind-boggling fact … read more of Touching The Divine.

The Ultimate Human Experience

This is the first in a series of articles that will bring us face to face with the ultimate human experience. I wish to explore what I believe to be the fundamental life questions: How do we become like God? How do we do the will of God? What is the ultimate human experience? We … read more of The Ultimate Human Experience.

How I found The Urantia Book

Presentation to ANZURA Annual Conference—Melbourne 2007 My very first contact with The Urantia Book was in 1993 when I walked into my local public library in Perth, Western Australia and,  as was my custom, went straight to the “Religion” section. There staring me in the face was this enormous hard-covered blue volume with an intriguing … read more of How I found The Urantia Book.