The Unfinished Business of the Fourth Epochal Revelation

And men have always tended to venerate the leader, even at the expense of his teachings; to revere his personality, even though losing sight of the truths which he proclaimed. [Paper 92:5.5, page 1008.7] 

The above statement by a Melchizedek is true for both religious and political leaders. The original teachings of the progenitors of the world’s major faith traditions are often quite different from the religious doctrines and dogmas that developed within those traditions following the deaths of their leaders.

In the case of Christianity, this truth has given rise to profound historical and spiritual consequences. The corruption of the original teachings of Jesus has delayed the inauguration of a global age of peace and unity. The Urantia papers contain critical information that has been given to us in order that we may correct the mistakes of the past and enable the fulfilment of the religion of Jesus for our planet. However, the Urantia community could inadvertently be repeating history.
Are we venerating the book while losing sight of the truths which it proclaims?

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