New Zealand Corner – 2014

New Zealand Corner – Autumn 14   Keen readers of The Arena may recall that one year ago New Zealanders were pre-paring to fill out their Census forms, and I expressed some interest in the results regarding the religious question. These results were finally released last Decem-ber, and, as many predicted, the percentage selecting No … read more of New Zealand Corner – 2014.

New Zealand Corner – 2013

2013 Autumn –   New Zealand Corner   Tuesday 5th March is Census Day here in New Zealand. Usually we have one every 5 years, but 2 years ago, just before the scheduled date, the major earth-quake in Christchurch threw the whole country into disarray, and it was clearly impossible to count people who were missing … read more of New Zealand Corner – 2013.

New Zealand Corner – 2012

  From 2012 Autumn Arena  – New Zealand Corner   April was unseasonably warm in New Zealand this year— the school holidays just finished were absolutely delightful and almost made up for the summer that we didn’t have. It made it quite easy to get up at 5 am on Wednesday 25th to attend the … read more of New Zealand Corner – 2012.

New Zealand Corner – 2011

From 2011 Winter Arena – New Zealand Corner   It’s been an eventful year so far here in the Land of the Long White Cloud. Just when people were starting to recover from last year’s earthquake, along came another, much bigger one, resulting in many deaths and injuries, and incredible damage. And in similar ways … read more of New Zealand Corner – 2011.

New Zealand Corner – 2010

From 2010 Autumn and Winter – New Zealand Corner   Editors note: Apologies to Neville that we were unable to fit all of his fine article into the previous issue of Arena, it now appears in full below: Read More of New Zealand Corner – 2010.

New Zealand Corner – 2009

  From 2009 Autumn Arena – New Zealand Corner   Neville Twist, Auckland     Easter in New Zealand It’s Friday the 10th of April, 2009 – Yes, Good Friday, that most sacred of all the Christian celebrations. From 7:00AM onwards I scan the radio station of the government operated Radio New Zealand – National … read more of New Zealand Corner – 2009.

New Zealand Corner – 2008

From Autumn Arena 2008 –  New Zealand Corner   I’m sorry to report that Sonny Wikaira, one of our new study group attendees passed away suddenly towards the end of 2007. Sonny and his cousin Raewyn Wikaira (who he introduced to the UB), attended several times and made a significant contribution. Sonny had been reading … read more of New Zealand Corner – 2008.

New Zealand Corner – 2007

From 2007  Autumn  Arena –  New Zealand Corner Neville Twist has replaced Ian Campbell as New Zealand’s representative on ANZURA. Ian replaced Marion Steward when her term expired last year, but he accepted a position in the UK earlier this year, and the Kiwis decided to appoint Neville in his place. Neville writes that a … read more of New Zealand Corner – 2007.