2022 Anzura Annual Conference

21 to 24 October 2022 After two years of virtual conferences, we are optimistic and delighted to invite you to this year’s annual ANZURA conference which is being held as a face-to-face event in October of this year in the stunning tourist destination of Port Arthur in Tasmania. So dust off those unused travel bags … read more of 2022 Anzura Annual Conference.

2021 ANZURA Virtual Conference Report

This year’s 2021 ANZURA conference, hosted by our Sydney team was held as a virtual Zoom conference on 2nd October. Once again, for all the “new normal” reasons we had to cancel our in-person event. We had high hopes all year that we could meet face-to-face as we saw our case numbers rapidly diminish to almost … read more of 2021 ANZURA Virtual Conference Report.

Living In the Flesh

(Summary of Julian Martin’s opening presentation of ANZURA’s Virtual 2021 Annual Conference) Julian opened his presentation by acknowledging that he felt privileged and humbled to be a part of this wonderful group of Urantia Book students. To set the tone of the conference theme he asked everyone to join him as he read a passage … read more of Living In the Flesh.

We Are, Because I AM

(Presentation from ANZURA’s Virtual 2021 Annual Conference) There’s an old insight about village life: “I am because we are.” I, as an individual, get to live a worthwhile life because of the security and relationships that my village provides. “I am because we are.” I think we’d all agree there’s truth in this very human … read more of We Are, Because I AM.

The Stability of Goodness

(Presentation from ANZURA’s Virtual 2021 Annual Conference) How Is Goodness Stabilizing? The time-space creation is one vast fragmentation of an infinite God into individual expressions of which we are but one (and our great universe adventure is one of reunification back with that God). Yet the oneness of God persists. All his constituent parts are … read more of The Stability of Goodness.

Video Part 4D: Ancient Orvonton, and a Young Cosmic Web

The Urantia Book presents a cosmology that stirs the soul: a central and perfect universe, fringed by spacetime shallows in which finaliters are born—finaliters, destined to launch from this cosmic continental shelf into oceanic depths, seeding the light and life of personality throughout nested levels of outer space. Soul stirring indeed! A cosmology pervaded by … read more of Video Part 4D: Ancient Orvonton, and a Young Cosmic Web.

Where Are They All?

Recently, an article in Mighty Messenger, Spring 2021 attracted my attention. Written by Gary Tonge, an American reader, it was pointing out that the Lucifer Rebellion did not claim any of the ascendent personalities who were Jerusem citizens at the time. These numbered 187,432, 811. It was over two years of system time from the … read more of Where Are They All?.

New Zealand Corner

How to describe 2021 in New Zealand? I have seen it described as a year of two halves.  January to July was almost normal — we went about our daily lives with very few restrictions. We had face-to-face meetings of our study group in Auckland once a month, we met online once a fortnight with other readers … read more of New Zealand Corner.