2016 Study Day Reflections

Groups met around the world over the weekend of 28th May, 2016 to study Paper 170: The Kingdom of Heaven. Following is some feedback from some of those groups:  Argentina by Carlos Rubinsky As every year we have followed ANZURA’s invitation and those members from our Study group who could come together, met for a … read more of 2016 Study Day Reflections.

Study Groups – Why are they so Important?

As the years go by, and after having been attending study groups on a consistent basis for around 33 years now, I’ve come to understand the wisdom of the advice given by the Revelators to the early leaders of the Urantia movement back in 1955 where they advised them to form “thousands of study groups”.  … read more of Study Groups – Why are they so Important?.

The Indwelling Spirit in Study Groups.

This method of studying The Urantia Book in groups, while being very effective in enhancing perceptions of the Indwelling Spirit in the realm of the super-consciousness does not pretend to be better or replace any other methods that may be in use throughout the many study groups of The Urantia Book now in existence. This … read more of The Indwelling Spirit in Study Groups..