President’s Reports – Arena 2016

From the President – Autumn 2016 William Wentworth With last year’s annual conference now well behind us, the next regular event will be the Annual Study Day scheduled for 28th May. Since this event was internationalised it has become quite popular, and further information about the paper to be studied by allparticipating groups is included … read more of President’s Reports – Arena 2016.

President’s Reports – Arena 2015

President’s Report – Autumn 2015 William Wentworth This issue of Arena may be a good opportunity to remind ourselves that ANZURA is primarily a service organization.  Our principal function is to serve readers of the Urantia Book in studying the revelation and assisting their efforts to attract others who may be interested. While it may … read more of President’s Reports – Arena 2015.

President’s Reports – Arena 2014

President’s Report – Autumn 2014 Kathleen Swadling   Welcome to 2014’s first issue of The Arena. I trust you’re settling in nicely to the New Year and I hope this finds you refreshed and well after the eventful Christmas summer season. Plans are well under way now for this year’s annual conference in Auckland New … read more of President’s Reports – Arena 2014.

President’s Reports – Arena 2013

2013 Autumn – President’s Report Kathleen Swadling Welcome to the first edition of the Arena for 2013. I hope you all had a happy and safe Christmas and New Year season and that you are now ready and refreshed to tackle the many challenges that will no doubt confront us in this next turn around … read more of President’s Reports – Arena 2013.

President’s Reports – Arena 2012

2012 Autumn – From the President Kathleen Swadling A very belated Happy New Year to you! I hope you had a safe and happy festive season and are now well and truly settled into 2012. In this issue you’ll find details on ANZURA’s annual confer-ence which will be held 14 to 17 September at Alexandra … read more of President’s Reports – Arena 2012.

President’s Report & Musings on ANZURA’s Annual Conference 2012

Welcome to this Summer 2012 edition of the Arena. No doubt this will find you preparing for that hectic time of year as Christmas, New Year and the summer holidays loom. I wish you all a happy and save season. It’s been an eventful few months since the last edition as many of us made … read more of President’s Report & Musings on ANZURA’s Annual Conference 2012.

President’s Report – Arena 2011

  From the President – Winter 2011 Kathleen Swadling Welcome to the winter issue of the Arena for 2011 and I hope this year has been kind to you. Quite a few ANZURA sponsored projects have already been achieved this year and several are well underway. The annual National Study Day was held over the … read more of President’s Report – Arena 2011.

President’s Reports – Arena 2010

From the President – Autumn 10   William Wentworth With 2010 now well underway, I reflect how 2009 was dominated by ANZURA’s effort at The Parliament of World Religions. The Sydney conference in September offered time and space for some rehearsing and positive criticism of our proposed presentations, and helped lay the groundwork for the … read more of President’s Reports – Arena 2010.

President’s Report – Arena 2009

  From the President – Autumn 2009 William Wentworth With Easter just gone it is a good time to reflect on the relationship between Christianity – the religion about Jesus – and the exposition of the religion of Jesus found in The Urantia Book. For Christians, Easter emphasises the crucifixion of Jesus as a sacrifice … read more of President’s Report – Arena 2009.

President’s Reports – Arena 2008

  From the President – Autumn 2008 William Wentworth With the new year well under way I suppose most study groups are meeting regularly again after the holidays. Here in Towamba we’re meeting once a week and thoroughly enjoying Part III. It’s amazing how much more there is to learn after so long—it is years … read more of President’s Reports – Arena 2008.