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Arena – Winter 2022

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Presidents Report

Phillip Mariott

The ANZURA national conference will be held very soon—it’s less than three months away! Have you registered and booked your tickets yet? We have so much planed—Julian McGarry has organised a great program which you will see further on in the conference article. We currently have a good number of attendees booked for the entire weekend and we will see quite a few day-trippers from Tasmania. It will be good to get together once again after the last two years of lockdowns.

We’ll be staying at the Stewarts Bay Lodge, which is a short walk to the historic Port Arthur. I can personally attest to the Port being a very worthwhile site to visit; there are a few surprises in our history, and it was not what I expected.

During the conference we will be holding ANZURA’s Annual General Meeting with the usual elections. Both mine and the Secretary’s first 2-year terms will be coming to an end but as we are allowed to do two consecutive terms, I will be nominating for a second term if the members will have me.

The National Study Day was held in May and several groups answered the call to meet for a day of study and socialisation. You will see some interesting reflections in this issue of the Arena.

I have enjoyed my time as President of ANZURA. As part of mine and the Vice President’s roles, we are also members of the Representative Council of Urantia Association International. At these meetings we get to see the bigger picture of what is going on around the globe for the international Association. The future is looking bright with new developments and initiatives.

I have also been a member of the Study Group Committee, which is one of the International Service Board (ISB) committees of the Association. We have been quite busy; one of the major projects has been to review the Study Group Guide and update it for today’s trends and technologies. We also presented and hosted the Study Group Symposium and hope to do another one at the end of this year. In addition, we have worked with the International Study Group Directory, and we are currently working on a Study Group Survey.

I have been working with Urantia Association’s Bylaws Revision committee that has been reviewing and revising the Bylaws to streamline and simplify them in accordance with United States non-profit laws. I’m very pleased with the results thus far, but there is still much work to do. Our organisational structure, policies and procedures will be much clearer for national, local, and emerging associations to understand.

I hope to see you in Tasmania!

In loving and sincere service to our father,

Phillip Marriott

Countdown to Tassie Conference

Stewarts Bay Lodge dining room

21 - 24 October 2022

Registration is now open! (see below for details)

Time is running out to register for this year's Annual Conference being held in Port Arthur, Tasmania 21 to 24 October. Treat yourselves to this special event by dusting off those unused travel bags and making the trek. If you haven't made up your mind yet about coming, there's still time to book, but to secure the accommodation we need to know by the middle of August so please hurry so we can finalise our booking with the venue.

After two years of virtual conferences, we are excited about meeting up with everyone again face-to-face. There's no substitute for in-person contact while discussing in-depth our favourite book!

Stewarts Bay Lodge is set in a stunning waterfront location and is nestled in a world heritage listed national park. It's in walking distance to Port Arthur’s Historic Site and offers a variety of quality self-contained cabin and chalet accommodation with restaurant, function rooms and recreation facilities all surrounded by a white-sand beach, crystal clear ocean waters and beautiful woodlands.

Theme: Walking the ROPE – An Invitation to Intimacy with God

The ‘ROPE’ in the theme title is an acronym for the Religion OPersonal Experience so the full meaning of the theme title translates to ‘Walking the Religion of Personal Experience – An Invitation to Intimacy with God’. We hope that this will be a truly enriching spiritual experience for all who attend, either in person or via Zoom. We will be talking about the ultimate human experience.

The Urantia Book is replete with awe-inspiring quotes reminding us that personal, intimate fellowship with God is within reach of us all!

It is high time that man had a religious experience so personal and so sublime that it could be realized and expressed only by “feelings that lie too deep for words.” [Paper 99:5.9; page 1091.8]


This is a rough program as it currently stands (late July) and is subject to change but it will give you a sneak preview of what's to come.


4.00 pm       Registration
4.30 pm       Renewing old friendships and making new ones (Catered "happy hour")

6.00 pm      Dinner


8.00 am       Breakfast

9.00 am       Keynote Address: “Walking the ROPE – An Invitation to Intimacy with God” (Julian McGarry)
9.40 am       ? (Jeff Wattles)

10.20 am     Morning Tea

10.50 am     The religion of the spirit versus the religion of the mind (Marion Steward)
11.30 am     ? (Cecilia Bendall)
11.55 am     No need for priesthood or intermediaries: God wants to deal directly with you (Regina Williamson)

12.20 pm    Lunch

1.30 pm       Personal effort towards spiritual growth (Geri Johnson & Rob Mastroianni)
2.10 pm       The ultimate human experience (Neville Twist)

2.50 pm       Afternoon Tea

3.05 pm       Spirit unity: harmony within diversity of experience and belief  (Phillip Marriot)
3.45 pm       Study Groups: Paper 99
4.45 pm       Study Group Feedback
5.00 pm      Worship in Song

6.00 pm      Dinner

7.30 pm       Evening celebration (Fr Richard Rohr video?)


8.00 am    Breakfast

9.00 am    Remembrance Supper
9.45 am    The Religion of Jesus (Daniel Swadling)

10.25 am     Morning Tea

10.55 am     “Feelings too deep for words” (Rita Schaad)
11.20 am     Doing God’s will: Sharing our inner life with God (Pre McGee)
11.45 am     Spiritual Practices for Walking the ROPE (Robert Coenraads)

12.25 pm    Lunch

1.20 pm       Group photo, recreation and personal time
4.00 pm      ANZURA General Meeting

6.00 pm      Dinner

7.00 pm      Social


8.00 am      Breakfast

9.00 am      Personal Reflections
10.00 am    Closing and farewells!


Full Conference: $450 – includes 3 nights of twin-share accommodation and all meals from Friday dinner to Monday breakfast. It also includes a catered meet-and-greet "happy hour" with pre-dinner drinks and snacks starting at 4.30 on Friday.

Daily Rate $100 – includes lunch and dinner.
Daily Rate $50 – includes lunch only.


Stewarts Bay Lodge is 90 minutes from Hobart in the beautiful region known as the Tasman Peninsula. There are a variety of airport shuttle bus services. To help you book in advance here are the contact details of a couple of companies:

Pennicott Wilderness Journeys: (03) 6234 4270
Tassietours: 0409 404 337

Some of us will be hiring cars or mini-buses at the airport. If you want to join with any of these groups and you haven't haven't booked your airfares yet, keep in mind these times so you don't miss out on a ride that will get you to and from the venue in time to participate in all the planned conference activities. If you want a ride you will need to book your flights to arrive in Hobart on Friday no later than 1.30pm. For returning on Monday you will need to book your departure flight no earlier than 2.30pm. Please let us know your flight details as soon as possible.


Click on the image below for the PDF of the Information Brochure that has the Registration form. You may print out the form and fill out your details. (See below the image for more details.)

Please send completed registration forms to:
Via email:
Regular mail: ANZURA, PO Box 1581, Warriewood NSW 2102, Australia


For further information please contact ANZURA:
Phone: 0431 285 943
Email: anzura.urantia@kathleen


National Study Day Reflections

Study Group Hosts

ANZURA’s 2022 National Study Day was held on Saturday 18th June. Various study groups came together to study Paper 155 – Fleeing Through Northern Galilee. Following are some reflections from those who participated:

Canberra Online Study Group

William Wentworth

Three members of the Canberra Study Group, Verona, Ysbrand and William, met by Zoom, and were later joined by Phillip, Termina and Gordon. Some lively discussion ensued as we read the paper.

Our attention was caught by Jesus’ statement to the apostles that to live out the truth is a more effective way of winning souls than preaching. There was also considerable discussion about his comments on the crystallized creeds, and how Judaism had become formalized into lifeless dogma. Some of us saw obvious parallels with modern Christianity.

However, the core of the paper seems to be the two discourses on religion which Jesus gave in response to a question from Thomas. Jesus referred to the evolution of religion, pointing out that he was himself was an agent of such an evolutionary leap in our planet’s religions, and that such development involves hard spiritual effort, many mistakes, and difficult struggles in order to leave the safety of tradition and engage in true spiritual growth. To transition from the religion of the mind to the religion of the spirit is the supreme adventure of existence, for that is what brings us closer to the Father.

In the second discourse, Jesus does, however, warn us that having begun our journey into truth, we should not be betrayed into looking down on those who still languish in the traditional creeds. He points out that those creeds have crystallized from the sincere efforts of previous generations and are not to be despised. The Father responds to the “faintest flicker” of faith.

I think each one of us derived something worthwhile from our reading and discussion.  

Phillip Marriott

Thank you, William, for hosting our online Study of Paper 155. Although we couldn’t meet in person it was great to meet virtually in spirit and share this paper with Gordon, Termina, Ysbrand, Verona, William, and myself.

For me the paper speaks of spiritual unity as a progressive, dynamic connection with the Father. It does not necessarily make life easy or solve my life problems, if anything, just more bearable and challenging. The answers are not written down or contained within The Urantia Book or any other book, because they are progressive and every changing. Life is dynamic and everyone is different.

Also this paper speaks of spiritual acceptance and experience no matter another’s intellectual conclusions. The scientist can have God because God exists outside of time and space; God does not invalidate the material world of facts and figures. Neither does nature invalidate the spiritual.

Jesus warned his believers that, if their religious longings were only material, increasing knowledge of nature would, by progressive displacement of the supposed supernatural origin of things, ultimately deprive them of their faith in God. But that, if their religion were spiritual, never could the progress of physical science disturb their faith in eternal realities and divine values. [Paper 155:3.6, page 1727.6 emphasis mine]

While the religion of authority may impart a present feeling of settled security, you pay for such a transient satisfaction the price of the loss of your spiritual freedom and religious liberty. My Father does not require of you as the price of entering the kingdom of heaven that you should force yourself to subscribe to a belief in things which are spiritually repugnant, unholy, and untruthful. It is not required of you that your own sense of mercy, justice, and truth should be outraged by submission to an outworn system of religious forms and ceremonies. The religion of the spirit leaves you forever free to follow the truth wherever the leadings of the spirit may take you. [Paper 155:6.5, page 1731.3 emphasis mine]

Never forget there is only one adventure which is more satisfying and thrilling than the attempt to discover the will of the living God, and that is the supreme experience of honestly trying to do that divine will. And fail not to remember that the will of God can be done in any earthly occupation. Some callings are not holy and others secular. All things are sacred in the lives of those who are spirit led; that is, subordinated to truth, ennobled by love, dominated by mercy, and restrained by fairness—justice. The spirit which my Father and I shall send into the world is not only the Spirit of Truth but also the spirit of idealistic beauty. [Paper 155:6.11, page 1732.4 emphasis mine]

My safe harbour is not the creeds, and customs of our theological institutes and texts, but the safe harbour of fellowship and connection with my spiritual Father.

Increasingly they learned from Jesus to look upon human personalities in terms of their possibilities in time and in eternity. They learned that many souls can best be led to love the unseen God by being first taught to love their brethren whom they can see. And it was in this connection that new meaning became attached to the Master’s pronouncement concerning unselfish service for one’s fellows: “Inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of my brethren, you did it to me.” [Paper 155:3.4, page 1727.4 emphasis mine]

The very Father that forever pours forth love, life and all else I require. I do not need to ask, I just need to be present to have presence, connection and will. It is I who turns his back to the Father, all I need to remember is that he is the way and the path. My job is to walk with him, who is the way.

Now, mistake not, my Father will ever respond to the faintest flicker of faith. He takes note of the physical and superstitious emotions of the primitive man. And with those honest but fearful souls whose faith is so weak that it amounts to little more than an intellectual conformity to a passive attitude of assent to religions of authority, the Father is ever alert to honor and foster even all such feeble attempts to reach out for him. But you who have been called out of darkness into the light are expected to believe with a whole heart; your faith shall dominate the combined attitudes of body, mind, and spirit. [Paper 155:6.17, page 1733.5 emphasis mine]

Verona Armstrong

The essence of Paper 155 centres on Jesus’ (the Master’s) teaching about the religion of the Spirit. He reminded the apostles of previous religious devotion (a) primitive religion – the religion of fear, (b) the religion of civilization being the established religions of authority and (c) the true religion being the religion of the spirit in human experience

After much discussion and questioning of Jesus by the apostles about this new religion of the spirit, the Master told them that true religion was loyalty to ones highest convictions and that it entailed effort, struggle conflict, faith, determination, love, loyalty and progress ([Paper 155:5.11, page 1721.6]

On the other hand he told them that previous religious devotion was an easy path of certainty and intellectual stability.  Jesus made it clear that the difference between the religion of the mind and religion of the spirit is that the religion of the mind was based in ecclesiastical authority while religion of the spirit is wholly based in human experience and he never grew weary of telling them of the great danger of accepting religious symbols and ceremonies in the place of religious experience –

… his whole earth life was consistently devoted to the mission of thawing out the frozen forms of religion into the liquid liberties of enlightened sonship. [Paper 155:3.8, page 1727.8]

Jesus pointing out each of the twenty-four and calling them by name, Jesus said:

And now, which one of you would prefer to take this easy path of conformity to an established and fossilized religion, rather than suffer the difficulties and persecutions attendant upon the mission of proclaiming a better way of salvation to men … and living your personal experience in the eternal truths and supreme grandeurs of the kingdom of heaven? “ [Paper 155:5.13, page 1730.1]

“The extent to which you have to go with your message to the people is, in a way, the measure of your failure to live the whole or righteous life, the truth-co-ordinated life." [Paper 155:1.5, page 1726.2]

Jesus ended this flight through Northern Galilee by saying:

 “You are my apostles … but rather, shall your religion become the fact of real experience which testifies that God has found you, and that you have enlisted in the eternal adventure of finding the God who has thus found and son-shipped you.” [Paper 155:6.18, page 1733.6]

"Let us be on our way.”  [Paper 155:6.19, page 1733.7]

While Jesus did not teach direct reference to Thought Adjusters to the apostles in Paper 155 we must acknowledge that Adjuster fragments are indeed pure energy and pure spirit and proceed directly from the Universal Father, they are of God, they are God. Paper 107:1.2.

Melbourne Study Group

Regina Williamson

This is one of those special occasions in the Urantia community where groups in Australia and New Zealand are given the opportunity to read the same paper on the same day. Our meeting in Melbourne was held as a face to face gathering and seven people attended which included two new people—one who was new to the book and the other a long-time reader. 

After socialising we read the entire paper right through first and then went back to read and discuss. This paper contained very beneficial material. It is teamwork. It binds us. It brings tolerance. It opens our eyes as we read:

Increasingly they learned from Jesus to look upon human personalities in terms of their possibilities in time and eternity. They learned that many souls can best be led to love the unseen God by being first taught to love their brethren whom they can see. And it was in this connection that the new meaning became attached to the Master’s pronouncement concerning unselfish service for one’s fellows: “Inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of my brethren, you did it to me.” [Paper 155:3.4, page 1727.4]

Well, it certainly stops you to think on how you treat others. It was a great day.

Sydney Study Group

Kathleen Swadling

Nine of us gathered in our home in Mona Vale on a glorious sunny-Sydney winter’s day for a delightful social lunch and study intensive. One of the things I really appreciate about the annual study days is that often people come who do not normally attend the regular monthly study group meetings. These included Ed who travelled from Western Sydney, Rex and Christine from the Central Coast, and Andrew from Newcastle. In addition, there were a few regulars that included Rita (also from Newcastle), Julian, Robert, Trevor, and me.

This Paper 155—Fleeing Through Northern Galilee—is a really significant paper in the Jesus story as it comes directly after Jesus has finally managed to divest himself of the distractions of the wonder-seeking multitudes after the Crisis at Capernaum and the dramatic days that followed. The scene is now set for Jesus to teach the apostles and disciples in earnest about his gospel. And teach it he did!

What an enlightening experience it was to read and discuss these in-depth teachings from Jesus with such a fantastic group of people. We sat around our sun-drenched veranda sheltered from the cold wind and marvelled over and over again at the personal revelations we all had in response to what we were reading.

I have an old Urantia Book that I don’t use very often anymore as it started to fall apart. Once I read through it with the conscious intention to highlight everything I read that filled me with awe and wonder. I’ve just been flipping through this particular book and see that this paper has more paragraphs highlighted than not! If anyone reading this article has not read Paper 155 recently, I thoroughly recommend you have a good read of it. Once is never enough!

Enjoy these photos from our day...

Urantia Book Presentation

Phillip Marriott, Adelaide, SA 

Adelaide Body, Mind & Physic Expo

The Adelaide Mind, Body & Physic Expo was held May 28 – 29, 2022 and we decided to book a booth to display The Urantia Book. This was a new adventure for me; I had been doing Urantia Book stall promotions at my local markets for several years and met with very limited success—of late the response was poor. Very few souls were brave enough to have a look at the book, and most that glanced as they walked past where more like startled bunny rabbits and would scamper away if I dared to say hi. So, after abandoning those efforts, I decided that I needed to find a different barrel with more hungry fish.

That’s when I investigated the mind, body, psychic or spirit types of fairs and expos. After finding one here in Adelaide I booked a booth and started getting organised for it. At first, I was not sure if it would even happen as we were still dealing with Covid restrictions but finally it come off and we attended the event. As it ran over two days, I felt that I could not do it by myself, so I called for assistance. Regina Williamson and Beavan James from Melbourne were kind enough to offer their assistance and I eagerly accepted.

We managed a 3 x 2 metre stall with a table displaying Urantia Books, information brochures and the two Urantia Press secondary works books, The Untold Story Jesus, and The Parables of Jesus. We also pinned a few posters around the walls with the main one on the back wall of the beautiful Master Universe Map, created by Gary Tonge (thank you Gary). This poster was a great attraction; people marvelled at the colours and grandeur, and it served as a great introduction to the cosmic family—our celestial brethren—and how they have reached out to us through The Urantia Book and told us about our place in the universe and our destination, should we choose.

A standout for me was how some people actually had the book but had not read it or had read it once and put it down. Upon seeing our stall, they would comment “I must read it again” or words to that effect.

We all felt it was a very successful exposition and there were many interested souls who came, looked, and talked. Some took brochures, some browsed, and a few brave ones even bought a book!

Our location in the expo was amidst dozens of New Age stalls such as Tarro card readers, crystal ball gazers, masseuses, Reiki practitioners etc. We were not near the front entrance, but one person told us that after entering the expo and glancing at a few stalls as he walked down a couple of isles, ours was the first one he actually approached—and he promptly bought the book!

We all had a lot of fun and enjoyed talking about our favourite book and the subjects it contained. I girded myself with an attitude of “take no prisoners” and decided not to hold back but rather be honest and forthright in my answers and conversations about this marvellous revelation of truth. It was great to be amongst other open-minded truth-seekers. Regina and Bevan were great company, and we enjoyed a social meal after the event. We took contact details and will follow up with those that wanted more information.

I will be attending another four-hour event on the 14th of August in Blackwood, Adelaide.

The Urantia Book Promotion Spiel at Expo

This is a summary of how I introduced people to The Urantia Book at the Expo.

“Urantia” is the name that has been given to our planet by beings not of this world. Call them angels, aliens, spirits or whatever you like; I like to think of them as my celestial family.

The bad news is that the Cosmos is not full of, as our movies, stories and fantastic imaginations would have us believe, Monsters.

The Cosmos is a friendly place full of life; it is reaching out to us with love and hopes that we will reach back. They (our celestial family) have sought to contact us in a way that does not alarm us, create elitists, or single out certain governments, organisations, religions, or countries. They are doing it in a slow and methodical way, one person at a time, via this book—The Urantia Book—which is what I am doing now as I introduce you to it.

The Urantia Book has four parts:

Part One is about the Central and Superuniverses (refer to Master Universe Map). They explain its creation and our location in it as well as our relationship to Creation, the Creator, and to each other.

Part Two is about our Local Universe, its creation, and our location in it.

Part Three is about our planet, its creation and how life came to be on the planet and how it was allowed to evolve.

Part Four is about the Creator of our local universe, his life, and the role he played on our planet as Jesus, detailing his birth, childhood, family, and mission on our planet. It also reinstates the conclusion of his work and his ascension and return to the Father.

Would you like to know more?


The Master Universe Map – Gary Tonge
The Urantia Book – Urantia Foundation

Reflections of Body, Mind and Psychic Expo

Regina Williamson, VIC

First my feelings of anticipation: It’s this weekend! I am excited about the whole thing: travel and expo on Saturday and Sunday, a totally new adventure for me. And what will we be doing there? We, meaning Phillip, the project manager, and Bevan and myself as assistants. We will be presenting God’s revelation to the world by sowing seeds!! We will be promoting the Father’s business and spreading the good news of Jesus’ gospel. Thank you, Phillip, for giving us this opportunity.

Apart from all the above coming true, we also socialised with our Urantia friends and family members. I felt privileged to get to know Colleen, Phillip’s wife and had a wonderful time in their “castle”. I loved it. Thank you, Colleen and Phillip, for your hospitality.

The venue of the Expo was huge. Despite the cold weather the atmosphere was great. The first day Saturday was our training day—getting to know our neighbourly stall holders, other participants, checking out the food stalls and feeling the atmosphere. Our neighbours were friendly, many smiling visitors stopped, asked lots of questions and took information brochures away with them as well as some “spiritual vitamins” (little rolled up bits of paper with Urantia Book quotes inside). It was truly a pleasure to introduce The Urantia Book to anyone who had questions and to do the work you love doing best—i.e., talking about the Urantia revelation!

The second day, Sunday, was sunny and many more people showed up. Most inquirers were young people in their twenties or thirties. We sold four books and handed out lots of leaflets. We also took contact numbers and emails—yes, Sunday was a very happy day.

We concluded that expos like this are a great idea, and we should certainly do more of them in the years to come. We used all the tools we had available, but I think the large Untold Story of Jesus book was a magnet. Jesus and cosmology? Something new to whet truth-seeker appetites. Overall, it was a great experience for us to “be about Jesus’ and the Father’s business”.

New Zealand Corner

The winter solstice has just passed and here in New Zealand we are weathering the colder conditions – it's a time to draw inwards and take time through the long winter nights to reflect on life, the universe, and higher things. In addition to marking the longest night and the shortest day, for the first time this year, just after the winter solstice, the country celebrated Matariki, as a public holiday. This is the beginning of the new year in the Maori lunar calendar and is the Maori name for the Pleiades star cluster, which first rises in late June or early July. In Maori tradition, this celebration involved looking back and mourning those who had passed in the previous year and making forecasts for the year to come.  

Some of us took the opportunity of a new holiday at Matariki to meet up for a study day. Two of us from the Auckland study group drove down to Tauranga where two long time readers from our group had moved to last year. We stayed overnight, and then studied Paper 155 in the morning, which led to some very interesting and thought-provoking discussion and insights, particularly into the religion of the mind and the religion of the spirit.   

We also reflected on key events of the previous year, and in our forecasts of the year to come, the conference in Tasmania was at the forefront. Quite a few New Zealand readers are planning to go, and we are looking forward very much to reuniting with everyone face to face for the first time in some years and enjoying even more stimulating discussions and the great joy of spiritual fellowship.

Doing According to the Urantia Papers

Neil Francey, Queensland

(Editor’s Note: This article has been "mined" from the Archives and is being re-published here. It is a presentation that was given by Neil Francey at the 2002 Queensland conference.)

The aim of this presentation is to explore a technique for acting in accordance with divine grace. Hopefully we will discover how, through our actions, we can have a real and personal experience of living in the loving overcare of our Father while enjoying heightened relationships with our family and friends.

What activities does The Urantia Book highlight as being the most important acts we can do?

    There is an action that operates above and beyond these essential commitments. Before we try to identify this however, we firstly have to define ‘doing’. The Urantia Book had a few surprises for me when I took a close look.

    Thinking is Doing

    …it is sad to record that so few persons on Urantia take delight in cultivating these qualities of courageous and independent cosmic thinking. [Paper 16:6.9, page 192:5 emphasis mine)

    So few mortals are real thinkers; you do not spiritually develop and discipline your minds to the point of favourable liaison with the divine Adjusters. [Paper 110:7.6, page 1213:1 emphasis mine]

    The divine spirit makes contact with mortal man, not by feelings or emotions, but in the realm of the highestand most spiritualized thinking. It is your thoughts, not your feelings, that lead you Godward. [Paper 101:1.3, page 1104:6 emphasis mine]

    Making Choices and Decisions – This is Doing

    Man can never wisely decide temporal issues or transcend the selfishness of personal interests unless he meditates in the presence of the sovereignty of God and reckons with the realities of divine meanings and spiritual values. [Paper 99:7.4, page 1093:2 emphasis mine]

    The success of your Adjuster in the enterprise of piloting you through the mortal life and bringing about your survival depends not so much on the theories of your beliefs as upon your decisions, determinations, and steadfast faith. [Paper 110:3.2, page 1205:6 emphasis mine]

    Moral will embraces decisions based on reasoned knowledge, augmented by wisdom, and sanctioned by religious faith. Such choices are acts of moral nature…[Paper 101:6.3, page 1111:7 emphasis mine]

    Problem Solving is also Doing

    Religious habits of thinking and acting are contributory to the economy of spiritual  growth…Habits which favor religious growth embrace … worshipful problem solving... [Paper 100:1.8, page 1095:3 emphasis mine]

    Being Spirit Led is Doing

    “…some persons are naturally more happy than others. Much, very much, depends upon the     willingness of man to be led and directed by the Father’s spirit which lives within him.”  [Paper 149:5.2, page 1674:4 emphasis mine]

    Such spirit-born individuals are so re-motivated in life that they can calmly stand by while their fondest ambitions perish and their keenest hopes crash; [Paper 100:2.8, page 1096:5 emphasis mine]

    If you would be led by this spirit from above, very soon would you begin to see with the eyes of the spirit, and then by the wholehearted choice of spirit guidance would you be born of  the spirit since your only purpose in living would be to do the will of your Father who is in heaven. [Paper 142:6.6, page 1602:6 emphasis mine]

    Living Faith is Doing

    When, by living faith, you become divinely God conscious, you are then born of the spirit…and attain the experience of finding God the Father on Paradise. [Paper 193:0.3. page 2052:3 emphasis mine)

    Although religious experience is a purely spiritual subjective phenomenon, such an  experience embraces a positive and living faith attitude toward the highest realms of universe objective reality. [Paper 103:9.5, page 1141:3 emphasis mine]

    So there can be a process. If we implement this process what are we actually doing? The answer can be described as taking faith steps. Thinking, discovering values, making decisions and choices, solving problems, being spirit led—all actions in doing. This is the way we can implement the Father’s will. It is not so much asking ‘what is your will’ as allowing God to bestow his will.

    All we have to DO is hand over to God. (Absolute, Total, Unqualified). To put it in a more loving way, a way that creates a relationship with God, acting with absolute trust in our Father for all things. This is real doing. (Real is defined as oneness with God, the unreal being the extent of our removal from true reality [God].)

    By doing this, what is likely to happen? The results of our actions may never be known to us. There may be no direct reward or recognition from others. There may be no personal power or glory (the consequence is God’s). There’s no time line. We need to be prepared to act without knowing (faith steps). There may be personal risk involved. There is no set formula for action or success known to us. It does not mean a life of ease; it will involve sacrifices. There will be no ‘yes buts’, no excuses. It is not about asking for something for yourself.

    Prayer needs to become worship. When all self-centered desires are lacking, prayer transforms into worship, sublime thinking into super-thinking [Paper 143:7.7, page 1616:9].

    Let’s think about a small decision that you have to make—one that can be overcome in the short term. This could involve other people, a fear that you have about something, or an uncertainty about the way forward.

    When the issues have been clearly identified, when you have taken it to a reasonable stage by doing, I want you to consciously and superconsciously hand it over. Pass it on to the Father so he can deal with it. And then leave it in his care with absolute confidence that He will resolve it with you. Trust in the Father’s loving overcare while you walk with Him through the fear, the decision, the uncertainty, until it has been beautifully and mysteriously resolved.

    Our Human Role

    We need to proceed on all fronts to encounter/create situations that will provide solutions. Life is not a passive experience of dependency on God’s grace. We earn it. This technique is not a substitute for taking action; it is not a cop-out. In fact it requires a heightened sense of life involvement. Here are some quotes on Action:

    …the teachers of this new religion are now equipped with spiritual weapons. They are to go out to conquer theworld with unfailing forgiveness, matchless good will,and abounding love.. [Paper 194:3.11, page  2064:3 emphasis mine]

    The contact of the mortal mind with its indwelling Adjuster, while often favored by devoted meditation, is more frequently facilitated by wholehearted and loving service in unselfish ministry to one’s fellow creatures. [Paper 91:7.2, page 1000:2 emphasis mine]

    The motivation of faith makes experiential the full realization of man’s sonship with God, but action, completion of decisions, is essential to the evolutionary attainment of consciousness of progressive kinship with the cosmic actuality of the Supreme Being.  [Paper 110:6.12, page 1211:2 emphasis mine]

    The religion of Jesus demands living and spiritual experience. [Paper 160:5.12, page 1782:3  emphasis mine]

    Trust and Faith

    Remember life is all about decisions and more decisions. We must be prepared to accept the consequences. This is a process for character and spiritual growth. The aim is to gain trust until we have absolute trust.

    Commit your way to the Lord—trust him— and he will bring it to pass. [Paper 131:2.10, page 1445:4 emphasis mine]with God all things are possible.[Paper 163:3.2, page 1803:4 emphasis mine]

    Mortals live in God, and so God has willed to live in mortals. As men trust themselves to him,     so has he— and first—trusted a part of himself to be with men…[Paper 111:5.3, page 1221:4 emphasis mine]

    Jesus taught that, by faith, the believer enters the kingdom now. [Paper 170:2.12, page 1861:2 emphasis mine]

    So how do we do take faith steps? Steps that might help us hand over to God, to trust in the Father?

    (Incorporating the seven adjutant mind spirits which represent an equivalent aspect of being.)

       Having started out on the way of life everlasting, having accepted the assignment and received your ordersto advance, do not fear the dangers of human forgetfulness and mortal inconstancy… for the Spirit of Truth will always speak, saying, “This is the way". [Paper 34:7.8, page 383:2 emphasis mine]

      The Example of Jesus

      This is the real core of this presentation. We need to practice living in the presence of the Father. We need to have trust and implicit faith. Here are some ways Jesus did it:

      …Jesus ever deferring his slightest wish to the will of the Father in heaven, and his daily life of implicit trust…
      [Paper 139:4.9, page 1555:2 emphasis mine]

      The secret of Jesus’ unparalleled religious life was his: consciousness of the presence of God;     and he attained it by intelligent prayer and sincere worship— unbroken communion with God— and not by leadings, voices, visions, or extraordinary religious practices. [Paper 196:0.10, page 2089:0 emphasis mine]

      He depended on the heavenly Father as a child leans upon its earthly parent, and his    fervent faith never for one moment doubted the certainty of the heavenly Father’s overcare. [Paper 196:0.11, page 2089:1 emphasis mine]

      What astounding results and benefits might happen if we were to live as Jesus lived? (A word of caution: we cannot say that Jesus’ life was made any easier because he had unbroken communication with God.)

      We may experience an effortless energy flow. We may sense a power that seems to be at work. We may sense a knowing that something is going on. Life could become an incredible, inexplicable adventure. Life would be truly unique: potentials would become actuals; personality would become real. There could be a sense of freedom in the mind and heart, an increased capacity for spiritual receptivity and preparedness to take action, and a life of purpose. By living life to the fullest we experience a feeling of genuine happiness and the complete satisfaction of contributing to Light and Life. And who knows, one day it may even be fashionable.

      JUST TRY IT. People may think you’re crazy, but love you for it anyway.

      A Musical Journey Through the Spheres

      Rita Schaad, Newcastle

      I discovered some beautifully inspirational music that I would like to share with you. I stumbled upon it while browsing the Urantia DACH website which services German-speaking Urantia Book readers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

      In May 2020 Nicky Bendix, a talented composer of ambient music from Denmark, published his Urantia Book-inspired album titled ‘Dreams Within Orvonton’. Inspirational compositions seem to be his speciality and although at times complex, they are also simple and relaxing. They let “the listeners fly away into an acoustic journey through the Universe”. I find Nick’s music is nicely suitable as background for the study of The Urantia Book.

      Click here to find his music on YouTube. Enjoy!

      Thank you Urantia DACH.

      Poem from Amenemope

      Explanation from Wikipedia:

      Instruction of Amenemope (also called Instructions of AmenemopetWisdom of Amenemopet) is a literary work composed in Ancient Egypt, most likely during the Ramesside Period (ca. 1300–1075 BCE); it contains thirty chapters of advice for successful living, ostensibly written by the scribe Amenemope son of Kanakht as a legacy for his son.

       A characteristic product of the New Kingdom “Age of Personal Piety”, the work reflects on the inner qualities, attitudes, and behaviours required for a happy life in the face of increasingly difficult social and economic circumstances.

      It is widely regarded as one of the masterpieces of ancient near-eastern wisdom literature and has been of particular interest to modern scholars because of its similarity to the later biblical Book of Proverbs.

      Psalm 1

      Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked

      or stand in the way that sinners take
      or sit in the company of mockers,
      but whose delight is in the law of the Lord,
      and who meditates on his law day and night.

      That person is like a tree planted by streams of water,
      which yields its fruit in season
      and whose leaf does not wither—
      whatever they do prospers.

      Not so the wicked!
      They are like chaff that the wind blows away.
      Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment,
      nor sinners in the assembly of the righteous.

      For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous,
      but the way of the wicked leads to destruction.

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      It is our intention not to encumber our work for the spreading of The Urantia Book and its teachings with church, temple, or other spiritual institutions. Our members have come to recognise the significance of the book and the integrated beauty of its supernal teachings which encourage us to develop our own philosophy through study, experience, decisions, and actions. Nevertheless, we hold the view, and recognise that collectively there are many valuable projects and programs we can undertake together to achieve our goals.

      Some of ANZURA’s functions are to:

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      Members of ANZURA tend to concentrate on the steady person-to-person approach to dissemination, rather than dramatic publicity. It is recognised that social improvement depends on the prior improvement of those who comprise society, and that while such improvement will be slow, it will rest on a strong foundation.

      ANZURA welcomes readers of The Urantia Book who are interested in joining us in our attempts to uplift our world by applying, to our own lives, the supernal teachings of this fifth epochal revelation.

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      Bringing People Together

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