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2023 ANZURA Conference – Countdown

Dear Urantia Book Reader Friends,

It's almost one month now before our annual conference in Pymble, Sydney on 25 to 28 August. If you’re planning on coming, but haven't let us know yet, would you please send in your registrations as we're getting very close to the deadline when we need to know definite numbers for the venue?

To register, you may click on the link below for the conference brochure and fill out the registration form (you’ll need to print it out and either post or email your form to us). Alternatively, you can send us an email with your details and payment method, or give us a call.


Click here for the registration brochure

Or click here to email us, or give us a call on 0431 285 943.

For more information on costs and the venue click here:

Theme: Talkin' Bout a Revelation

How are we talking about the concepts of The Urantia Book with non-readers and new readers? How can we discuss such universal truths that everyone needs to know without alienating them? How can we convince increasingly secular, sceptical and materially focused people that the spiritual world is just as real? How can we help to transform stagnant traditional religious practice into courageous living and dynamic spiritual growth? How can we, seasoned readers, best demonstrate and discuss what we have learned in ways that attract others to the book and its teachings, and that doesn’t do harm to our message? How can we better identify fertile ground: those who may be seeking and receptive to the seeds of truth we have to offer them? What might be their objections and criticisms and how should we best overcome them?

At this year’s ANZURA conference we hope to tap into and share that huge reservoir of knowledge, understanding and talent that exists within the readership community. 

Kind Regards,

Kathleen Swadling
ANZURA Administrator