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National Study Day 2022

Dear Urantia Book Readers and Friends,

This is a reminder to let you know our annual National Study Day is coming up on the weekend of 18 & 19 June. This is when readers are encouraged to gather in small regional groups to study the same Paper and enjoy the company of like-minded people all on the same day (or weekend) around Australia and New Zealand.

This year we’ll be studying Paper 155 – Fleeing Through Northern Galilee. It aligns with the theme of the conference being held later on in October this year and contains the Master’s teachings about the Religion of Personal Experience.

Study Group hosts are making plans for a get-together in a friendly setting to welcome you. To find the contact details for hosts in your region, click on the Study Day Hosts heading below. Hopefully you will be able to meet with some readers to share this Study Day. If you find yourself a solitary student, join us on the day with the knowledge that we are united and motivated in the same spirit. Wishing you an interesting and uplifting experience.

“Let me emphatically state this eternal truth: If you, by truth co-ordination, learn to exemplify in your lives this beautiful wholeness of righteousness, your fellow men will then seek after you that they may gain what you have so acquired. The measure wherewith truth seekers are drawn to you represents the measure of your truth endowment, your righteousness. The extent to which you have to go with your message to the people is, in a way, the measure of your failure to live the whole or righteous life, the truth-co-ordinated life.” [Paper 155:1.5, page 1726.2]

Study Day Hosts Contact Info

Regular Study Group Meetings

In addition to the annual Study Day, remember that there are also regular study groups being held throughout the year that meet either face-to-face, online or both, in various areas of Australia and New Zealand. Here’s some information on some the regular ones:

Online only, Australia wide. Hosted by Phillip Marriott who hosts a weekly meeting on Wednesdays, 8PM EST (except for the week when the Sydney study group in Mona Vale meets.)

Sydney, Mona Vale, NSW. Hosted by Kathleen and Trevor Swadling monthly meeting on the first Wednesday of the month (both in-person and online) 7:45pm Sydney time. 

Canberra, ACT. Hosted by William Wentworth monthly meeting on the first Tuesday of the month (both in-person and online) 7:30pm EST. 

Auckland, NZ. There is a face-to-face meeting on the 1st Sunday of each month and a online Zoom meeting every 2nd Thursday at 7PM NZST.