Eternal Isle of Paradise

Eternal Isle of Paradise (2013)   This is a work of over 17 individual papers dealing with revealed cosmology as in The Urantia Book.   Revelation affords a common meeting ground for the discoveries of both science and religion and makes possible the human attempt logically to correlate these separate but interdependent domains of thought … read more of Eternal Isle of Paradise.

Evolutionary Timeline

The timeline of our planet’s history is indeed a long one. Four thousand six hundred million (4,600,000,000) years from its birth as a fiery ball coalescing from a wildly spinning solar disk during a time aptly known as the Hadean Aeon to the present day is an impossibly long time for anyone to imagine. Particularly … read more of Evolutionary Timeline.

More Things in Heaven and Earth

A few years back, the TV station SBS would often take a moment, between programs, to remind us of  something. A deep, raspy voice would simply say: The world is an amazing place…. Indeed it is. And the more we learn about the world, the more amazing it becomes. In every field, researchers find that … read more of More Things in Heaven and Earth.

Finding ~ and Framing ~ Truth

How does the modern sophisticated soul deal with truth, let alone revelations about truth? In the following article we try to frame the question, to illustrate the problem, and to see where students of the Urantia Papers may fit in. Twenty eight years ago Carl Sagan’s TV series “Cosmos” was first shown. The content is … read more of Finding ~ and Framing ~ Truth.