Report on Conference

25 readers of the Urantia Book from around Australia gathered together in peace and goodwill on the island state of Tasmania for a weekend of spiritual refreshment: fellowshipping, teaching, listening, laughing, singing, praying, and worshiping. We gave enthusiastic considera-tion to our theme: “Worshiping and Serving our Father —Attaining the highest levels of self-realization.” We marvelled … read more of Report on Conference.

World Parliament of Religions

MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA—DEC 3 – 9, 2009 Display at The Urantia Book booth from Tidings, Nov/Dec 2009 It was very exciting to participate in this international meeting as the religions of the world strove to understand each other, in a step towards world peace. The Parliament is described as:   “… the world’s largest global inter … read more of World Parliament of Religions.

2008 Canberra – Conference Report

At our ANZURA Conference in Canberra, we tried to deepen our experience, to brighten our insight, and to awake our slumbering love to serve and to understand. We spent the weekend exploring our Father’s relationship with us, and reflecting on our own responses to this extraordinary human opportunity—to become one with the Father. The conference … read more of 2008 Canberra – Conference Report.

Report on Conference

With the passing of another annual conference, this time hosted by the Melbourne Study Group, I found myself reflecting on the importance of the annual conference to me, and I suspect to most of us who had the pleasure of attending.To spend a few days in the company of other Urantia Book readers is so … read more of Report on Conference.

Highlights of the Conference – Personal Impressions

UAI Conference 2006 – Sydney Australia Reward of Isolation – Small Teams in Deep Waters The rewards of isolation certainly paid off for readers “down under” who had the pleasure of hosting the recent UAI Conference in Sydney.  Readers in Australia rarely get the opportunity to fraternise with the international reader community because of our … read more of Highlights of the Conference – Personal Impressions.

Report on Sydney Conference 2001

ANZURA held its annual conference from October 5-8 on the shores of the beautiful Narrabeen Lakes just minutes from North Narrabeen beach along Sydney’s Northern Beaches. We had a good turn out and everyone departed enriched by the experience of a weekend chocabloc full of valuable and stimulating exchange. Rex Merrett began by setting the … read more of Report on Sydney Conference 2001.

Surfers Paradise 1998 – Conference Reports

Conference information and Updates in Arena Three days that will change the world… Whelll …maybe just a little…? Preparations for this year’s conference are now in full swing. Registrations are tolling in to conference headquarters in Sydney. It promises to be another memorable occasion with people coming from all corners of Australia. So don’t forget … read more of Surfers Paradise 1998 – Conference Reports.

1997 Sydney – Dare to be Godlike

(from Innerface International – Jan/Feb 1998) Report from the annual conference of ANZURA in Sydney 1997  The secret of survival is wrapped up in the supreme human desire to be Godlike and in the associated willingness to do and be any and all things essential to the final attainment of that overmastering desire. [Paper 110:3.2, … read more of 1997 Sydney – Dare to be Godlike.

1996 Canberra – Ascenders in the Evolutionary Arena – the beat goes on

1996 – Canberra, ACT at Blackfriars Conference Centre, Watson Common or garden variety readers, spotted at the 1996 Conference article from  Summer ARENA – December 1996 Rita remembers Remember – A carload of eager friends, Joy, Ysbrand, Jessika & me, on a hot October spring day, joy, and how beautiful the country was we drove … read more of 1996 Canberra – Ascenders in the Evolutionary Arena – the beat goes on.