Secret of Survival

Cecilia chose quotes from The Urantia Book and read them out slowly, giving enough time for the listeners to contemplate each message.

There were some comments made afterwards relating to the quotes. One of the passages was especially touching:

There dwells within the human mind a fragment of God, and (that) there sojourns with the human soul the Spirit of Truth; and we further know that these spirit forces conspire to enable material man to grasp the reality of spiritual values and to comprehend the philosophy of universe meanings. But even more certainly we know that these spirits of the Divine Presence are able to assist man in the spiritual appropriation of all truth contributory to the enhancement of the ever-progressing reality of personal religious experience—God-consciousness. [Paper 0:12.13, page 17.2]

Cecilia responded: You make the decision to survive – with the brain, with your mind and with your intellect: “there is a God”, “I want God in my life”, “I believe there is a God”. But it is in our Soul that we are led into our personal truth. By knowing Jesus he sojourns with us, leading us into our own personal truth – which is different from any other person’s. And that leading is done by someone who walked the earth, he knows what fear is, he knows the human limitations.

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